Technology Presentation

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

BERT Analysis & Emulation

FAX & FAX over IP Analysis

Frame Relay analysis

GL Insight™ Fax Analysis Training

GL Insight™ Modem Analysis Training

GL Insight™

GSM Network Analysis

High Leve Data Link Control Analysis

ISDN Analysis

MODEM Analysis

SONET/SDH Technology

PPP Protocol Overview

SS7 - Signalling System Number 7

T1 and E1 Technologies

VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

Wide-Area Network (WAN) & Open Systems Interconnection

MAPS™ Presentation

5G Core Network Emulation

5G N1N2 Interface Simulation MAPS™

5G N4 Interface Simulation - MAPS™

MAPS™ BICC Over IP Emulator

MAPS™ CAP Protocol Emulator

MAPS™ GPRS GB Interface Emulator

MAPS™ GSM Abis Interface Emulator

MAPS™ GSM A Interface Emulator

MAPS™ INAP Protocol Emulator


MAPS™ Diameter Emulator

MAPS™ LTE eGTP Interface Emulator

MAPS™ LTE SGs Emulator

MAPS™ LTE SLs Emulator

MAPS™ MAP Emulator

MAPS™ MEGACO/H.248 & MGCP Emulator

MAPS™ SIP-I-Emulator

MAPS™ Skinny Protocol Emulator


MAPS™ ISDN Protocol Emulator

MAPS™ IUP Emulator


MAPS™ SS7 Protocol Emulator

MAPS™ UMTS Emulator Gn & GP Interfaces

MAPS™ UMTS For IuCS, IuH Interfaces Emulator

MAPS™ UMTS For IuCS Interfaces Emulator

MAPS™ Remote Controller (PKS111 and PKS113)

Traffic Simulation Over IP,Ethernet,TDM and Wireless with MAPS™

MAPS™ SIP + RTP + MSRP Simulation

Introduction to MAPS™

MAPS™ APIs For Complete Automation

MAPS™ FXO FXS Emulator & tPobe™


MAPS™ CAS Protocol Emulator

VQT Product Presentations

Voice, Video and Data Quality Testing Solution

Voice Quality Testing

Fax Emulation Analysis Using VQuad™ and Webviewer™

Intrusive Network Voice Quality Testinf(VQT) Using VQaud™

Echo Measurement Utility (EMU)

Voice Conference Quality Testing

Active & Passive Voice Quality Testing

GL’s TDM Products Presentations

Description Product Presentation Training Presentation Download
WAN Network Model Presentation      
T1E1 Overview Presentation      
Octal Quad T1E1 Analysis & Emulation Board  
tProbe™ T1 E1 VF & Serial Data
Analysis & Emulator Unit - Delete
tProbe™ T1 E1 VF & Serial Data
Analysis & Emulator Unit
tProbe™ Analog Terminal (FXO) and Network Port (FXS) Testing Using MAPS™  
tProbe™ Serial Data Communication Analysis  
Portable USB T1/E1 Analyzer Unit  
Universal HD PCI T1/E1 Analyzer Board  
Legacy HD PCI T1/E1 Board  
T1/E1 Analyzer Basic Software
(Intrusive and Monitoring Applications)

T1/E1 Special Applications

 T1/E1 Transmit Capture Application  
 T1/E1 Call Capture Analysis Software
 T1/E1 Windows Client Server    
 Static & Dynamic DSP Operations  
T1/E1 Call Data Records  
T1/E1 Protocol Identifier  
T1/E1 Synchronous Record Playback    
T1/E1 Traffic Classifier  
CAS Simulator
MAPS™ APS Emulator  
Signaling and Traffic Simulation using MAPS - Presentation    
Jitter Measurement / Pulse Mask Compliance Testing  
STM-1 Mux and Traffic Capture / Analysis Hardware  
T1 E1 J1 Switch  
T1/E1 Multiport Repeater  
Network Surveillance System  
Portable USB T3/E3 Analyzer
USB T3/E3 Client Server  
LightSpeed1000™ (OC-3/12 and STM-1/4) Analysis and Emulation Card  
Testing Channelized Optical Carriers using LightSpeed1000™  
Testing UnChannelized Optical Carriers using LightSpeed1000™  
SONET-SDH Technology      
Handheld T1/E1/T3/E3 Testers – LinkTest Products  
LinkTest™ Dual E1  
Echo Mitigation System    
Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS)  

Protocol Analysis and Emulation

Description Product Presentation Training Presentation Download
SS7 Analysis and Emulation
ISDN Analysis and Emulation
SS1 Emulator and Analyzer  
TRAU Emulator and Analyzer
ML-PPP Emulator and Analyzer  
HDLC Protocol Emulation and Analysis  
GSM Protocol Emulation and Analysis    
Frame Relay Protocol Analysis  
ATM Protocol Analysis and Emulation  
Protocol Analysis & Emulation in T1/E1
Protocol Analysis & Emulation in T3/E3  

GL's VoIP Products Presentations

Description Product Presentation Training Presentation Download
VoIP Products  
PacketScan™ HD    
PacketScan™ Protocol Specific Presentation  
Network Surveillance  
RTP Toolbox™  
PacketExpert™ 1G    
PacketExpert™ 10G    
PacketExpert™ 10GX    
PacketExpert™ 10GX Multi Stream Traffic Generator and
Analyzer Presentation
PacketExpert™ 1G Multi Stream Traffic Generator and
Analyzer Presentation
PacketExpert™ with Record/Playback    
PacketExpert™ - PacketBroker    
IPLinkSim™ WAN Emulation    
IPNetSim™ WAN Emulation    
PacketExpert™ - ExpertSAM™    
Signaling and Traffic Simulation using MAPS™ pdf    
MAPS™ LTE S1 pdf    
MAPS™ LTE X2 AP pdf    
MAPS™ SIP pdf    
MAPS™ SIP I pdf    
Test Solutions for Air Traffic Control pdf    
Signaling Simulation and Analysis using MAPS™  
LTE (Long Term Evolution) Protocol Analyzer  
IPNetSim™ 1G/10G WAN Emulator  
IPNetSim™ Handheld  
VoIP Network Monitoring Solution  
SIGTRAN Protocol Analysis & Simulation  
MAPS LCS Test Suite    

GL's VQT Product Presentations

Description Product Presentation Training Presentation Download
VQuad™ and VQT using Dual UTA  

GL's Other Product Presentations

Description Product Presentation Training Presentation Download
Echo Canceler Testing inTDM and IP Networks  
Acoustic Echo Compliance Test Software  
GL Insight™ Overview  
GL Insight™ Fax Analysis  
GL Insight™ Modem Analysis  
Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer  
DCME Analyzer  
ATM BERT Analysis and Emulation  
BERT Analysis and Emulation