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MAPS™ MC-MLPPP Conformance Tester

(MC-MLPPP Conformance Testing)

MAPS™ MC-MLPPP Architecture
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The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) provides a standard method for transporting multi-protocol datagrams over point-to-point links.

Point-to-Point Protocol - PPP (RFC 1661) is a link layer protocol, which encapsulates other network layer protocols like IP for transmission on synchronous (like T1 E1) and asynchronous communications lines. When transmitted over T1 E1 line, PPP frames are based on HDLC frame structure. The PPP encapsulation provides for multiplexing of different network-layer protocols simultaneously over the same link. Other optional facilities provided are authentication of the identity of its peer on the link, and determination when a link is functioning properly and when it is failing.

Multi-Link PPP (RFC 1990), bundles multiple link-layer channels into a single network-layer channel. A bundle can consist of multiple physical links of the same type or physical links of different types. Data sent through this channel will be distributed among all the links. It is a technique used to derive larger bandwidth pipe by aggregating smaller bandwidth pipes e.g. from multiple T1s or E1s. The protocol allows splitting, recombining, and sequencing datagrams across multiple data links into a single logical pipe or bundle.

The Multi-Class extension to Multi-Link PPP (MC-MLPPP) (RFC 2686), allows a sender to fragment the packets of various priorities into multiple classes of fragments, and allows high-priority packets to be sent between fragments of lower priorities.


GL’s MAPS™ MLPPP is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for MC-MLPPP/MLPPP/PPP protocols over TDM (T1 E1). The tester can simulate a complete PPP/MLPPP link between two peers (Router or a Switch), with MLPPP signaling conforming to IETF specifications..

The MAPS™ MLPPP supports testing network elements, error tracking, regression testing, conformance testing, and load testing/call generation. The test tool can run pre-defined test scenarios against MLPPP test objects in a controlled & deterministic manner. The test tool also incorporates the flexibility to modify call parameters & message contents (arbitrary manipulation of messages, information elements and message sequence on the different protocols).

MAPS™ MLPPP conformance scripts, suitable for conformance tests and functional tests, where test objects can be accurately, reliably and comfortably validated for compliance with IETF standard. It is suitable for manufacturers, network operators and service providers to address all stages of the development cycle, regression testing through to type approval, acceptance testing.

The application gives the users the unlimited ability to edit MLPPP messages and control scenarios (message sequences). "Message sequences" are generated through scripts. "Messages" are created using message templates. The application supports powerful utilities like Message Editor, Script Editor, and Profile Editor which allow new scenarios to be created or existing scenarios to be modified using MLPPP messages and parameters.

GL also provides an independent GUI based PPP protocol analyzer (optional application – XX135) for online capture and decode of the signaling in real-time both during tests and as a stand-alone tracer for live systems.

Supported Protocols Standards

Supported Protocols Standards

Protocol Stack

Supported Protocols Standard / Specification Used
Point-to-Point Protocol RFC1661
Multi-Link PPP RFC1990
Multi-Class Extension to Multi-Link PPP RFC2686
IPCP Extensions RFC1877

ISUP Call Simulation

Typical Call Flow Scenario

A typical signaling exchanged between two peers in PPP network is as shown below.

Typical MLPPP Negotiation Operations

Typical MLPPP Negotiation Operations

Link Establishment Phase Conformance Test

MAPS™ MLPPP is configured with the conformance script to receive the Configure Request message and reply with a valid Configure-Ack. The test script is considered to be successfully executed, when the DUT sends the Configure-Nak suggesting new Magic Number.

Test Loopback using Peer  Magic Number Conformance

Test Loopback using Peer Magic Number Conformance

Open Link State Conformance Test

MAPS™ MLPPP is configured with the conformance script to send the Configure-Request with Magic Number, Maximum Receive Unit, Protocol Field Compression, and Address Field Compression Fields parameters. DUT replies with Configure-Ack. Link should enter the Opened state.

Open State Conformance Test

Open State Conformance Test


Please Note: The XX in the Item No. refers to the hardware platform, listed at the bottom of the Buyer's Guide, which the software will be running on. Therefore, XX can either be ETA or EEA (Octal/Quad Boards), PTA or PEA (tProbe Units), XUT or XUE (Dual PCIe Express) depending upon the hardware.

Item No. MAPS™ for TDM Network
(requires T1 or E1 Hardware and Basic Software)
XX652 MAPS™ MC-MLPPP Conformance
XX648 MAPS™ ISDN & LAPD Emulator
XX642 MAPS™ ISDN & LAPD Conformance Emulator
XX649 MAPS™ SS7 Emulator
XX647 MAPS™ SS7 Conformance
XX692 MAPS™ GSM A Emulator
XX693 MAPS™ GSM Abis Emulator
XX651 MAPS™ CAS Emulator
XX694 MAPS™ MAP Emulator
XX696 MAPS™ CAP Emulator
XX656 MAPS™ INAP Emulator
XX682 MAPS™ IUP Emulator
XX624 MAPS™ FXO FXS Emulator (only for tProbe)
  Related Hardware

QuadXpress T1 E1 Main Board (Quad Port– requires additional licenses) 

OctalXpress T1 E1 Main Board plus Daughter Board (Octal Port– requires additional licenses)
PTE001 tProbe™ Dual T1 E1 Laptop Analyzer with Basic Analyzer Software
Dual T1 E1 Express (PCIe) Boards (requires additional licenses)
Item No. MAPS™ for Wireless Network
  Related Software
PKS140 MAPS™ LTE S1 Emulator
PKS142 MAPS™ LTE eGTP (S3, S4, S5, S8, S10, S11 & S16) Emulator
PKS141 MAPS™ LTE X2 AP Emulator
PKS146 MAPS™ SGs Interface Emulation
PKS160 MAPS™ UMTS IuCS IP Emulator
MAPS™ UMTS IuH IP Emulator
PKS164 MAPS™ UMTS IuPS Emulator
PKS166 MAPS™ UMTS Gn Gp Emulator
LTS220 MAPS UMTS IuCS ATM Emulator over OC-3 / STM-1
requires LTS214 + LightSpeed1000™ Hardware; optional LTS217
LTS214 OC-3 / STM-1 SSCOP Server
LTS320 MAPS UMTS IuCS ATM Emulator over OC-12 / STM-4
requires LTS314 + LightSpeed1000™ Hardware; optional LTS317
LTS314 OC-12 / STM-4 SSCOP Server
PKS131 MAPS™ Gb Emulator over IP for BSC & SGSN
  Related Hardware
LTS100 Lightspeed1000™ - Dual OC-3/12 STM-1/4 PCIe Card
 Item No. MAPS™ for IP Network
MAPS™ MEGACO Conformance Test Suite (Test Scripts)
MAPS™ MGCP Protocol Emulation with Conformance Test Suite
MAPS™ SIP Emulator
SIP Conformance Test Suite (Test Scripts)
PKS126 MAPS™ SIP I Emulator
PKS132 MAPS™ MAP IP Emulator

MAPS™ Lb Interface Emulator

PKS148 MAPS™ SLs Interface Emulator

MAPS™ IuPC Interface Emulator

PKS151 MAPS™ CAMEL IP Emulator
PKS134 MAPS GSM Abis IP Emulator
PKS137 MAPS™ GSM A IP Emulator
PKS155 MAPS™ BICC IP Emulator
PKS136 MAPS™ INAP Emulator (ANSI, ITU)
PKS139 MAPS™ Diameter Emulator
Item No. Traffic Options
File based Record/Playback
Transmit/Detect digits (Place Call/ Answer Call)
Multi-Channel TRAU Tx/Rx Emulation and Analysis
PKS102 RTP Soft Core for RTP Traffic Generation
PKS200 RTP Pass Through Fax Emulation



PacketCheck™ - Packet GTP Traffic Simulation

Mobile Traffic Core-GTP

Mobile Traffic Core-Gateway

Mobile Traffic Core - GPRS Gb
LTS217 OC-3 / STM-1 AAL2 Traffic Core
LTS317 OC-12 / STM-4 AAL2 Traffic Core
Item No. Related Software
XX120 SS7 Analyzer Software
OLV120 Offline/ Remote SS7 Analyzer Software
XX100 ISDN Analyzer Software
OLV100 Offline/ Remote ISDN Analyzer Software
XX150 T1 or E1 Real-time GSM Protocol Analyzer
OLV150 Offline T1 or E1 GSM Protocol Analyzer
XX165 T1 or E1 Real-time UMTS Protocol Analyzer
PKS120 MAPS™ SIP Emulator
PKV100 PacketScan™ (Online and Offline)
RTP Toolbox™
G.168 Echo Canceller Test Compliance Suite
PKV105 SIGTRAN Analyzer (requires PKV100)
PKV107 LTE (Long Term Evolution) Analyzer (Optional with PacketScan™)