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LTE (Long Term Evolution)Protocol Analyzer

GL's LTE Protocol Analyzer within PacketScan™ - All IP Protocol Analyzer is capable of capturing, decoding and performing various test measurements across various interfaces i.e. S1, S3, S4, S5 (or S8), S6a, S10, S11, S13 and X2 interfaces of the LTE network.

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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the all-packet architecture and provides significantly greater air interface bandwidth to the mobile h set. It was developed as an enhancement to the existing 3G UMTS System (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) to provide users enhanced mobile radio and internet access.

GL's LTE Protocol Analyzer is a robust tool that enables the capturing and monitoring of real-time signaling and traffic on LTE networks. LTE Protocol Analyzer is an optional module (PKV107) available within PacketScan™ analyzer (PKV100) on additional licensing. Provides the ability to segregate, monitor, and collect statistics on all calls allowing for the capturing and testing of eNodeB or UE over a variety of interfaces including S1, S3, S4, S5 (or S8), S6a, S10, S11, S13, and X2. Also, supports wide range of codecs, including AMR WB, and generates detailed per-call reports.

The LTE Protocol Analyzer comes with a user-friendly GUI that allows users to easily navigate and view captured network traffic. It also provides various filter and search options, which enable users to analyze specific network events or protocols. The tool offers a powerful scripting interface that allows users to automate complex analysis tasks and customize the analysis process to their specific needs.

Overall, GL's LTE Protocol Analyzer is a reliable and powerful tool for analyzing LTE network protocols, offering comprehensive protocol decoding, detailed performance analysis, and a user-friendly interface for efficient network analysis.

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Supports decode and analyze LTE protocol stack on S1AP, X2AP, NAS and eGTP interfaces.

LTE protocol stack
Supported Protocols Standard / Specification Used
S1AP 3GPP TS 36.413 V9.0.0
X2AP 3GPP TS 36.423 V9.0.0
NAS 3GPP TS 24.301 V9.0.0
eGTP 3GPP TS 29.274 V8.0.0
Evolved GTP (eGTP) for EPS 3GPP TS 29.274 V8.0.0 (2008-12)
Evolved GTP (eGTP) for EPS 3GPP TS 29.274 V9.2.0 (2010-03)



Summary, Detail, Hexdump view

Summary, Detail, Hexdump view

Protocol Filters

Protocol Filters

CDR and Statistics View

CDR and Statistics View


Please Note: The XX in the Item No. refers to the hardware platform, listed at the bottom of the Buyer's Guide, which the software will be running on. Therefore, XX can either be ETA or EEA (Octal/Quad Boards), PTA or PEA (tProbe Units), XUT or XUE (Dual PCIe Express) depending upon the hardware.

Item No. Item Description


LTE (Long Term Evolution) Analyzer (Optional with PacketScan™)


Offline LTE (Long Term Evolution) Analyzer (Optional with PacketScan™)

PKV112 5G Analyzer (Optional with PacketScan™)
PKV113 Offline 5G Analyzer - Optional with PKV101 (offline PacketScan™) and PKV170 (NetsurveyorWeb™)