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4G LTE Communications Network Lab

GL offers an End-to-End 4G  LTE Communications Network Lab (CNL) with all components such as eNodeB, MME, Serving Gateway, PDN Gateway, HSS, SGSN, PCRF, PCEF, AF and others to simulate both E-UTRAN and EPC (Evolved Packet Core), allowing complete testing of the LTE network.

One can setup a complete virtual real-time network simulating all the network elements, or any of the network elements in the above architecture can be replaced with user's DUT to perform single interface, multi-interface, or wrap-around testing. Complex scenarios such as handovers can be achieved easily.

The lab setup can include multiple eNodeBs configured to handle multi-UEs. Simulate multiple instances of nodes in network such as MME, SGW, and PGW to perform functional and load/stress testing.

Verify your latest mobile features over the network with various types of traffic generators and receivers. MAPS™ GTP mobile traffic (ETH101, ETH102) simulation support allows generation and verification of data traffic such as Email, FTP, Web (HTTP), Video, and transparent access to the IP network.

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Wireless Networks (4G Lab Simulation)

4G VoLTE Call Simualtion and Monitoring System

4G LTE Lab Simulation & Analysis

Wireless Networks - 4G Lab Simulation


  • User Equipment – to - User Equipment Call Emulation Lab
  • Mobile Traffic and Web Access Emulation Lab
  • Inter and Intra Handovers
  • Interfaces Supported
    • S1,  S3, S4, S11, S5/S8, S10 , S16, X2 & SGs interfaces
    • Diameter-S6a, S6d, S13, Cx/Dx, Gx, Rx & SGi interfaces
  • All Traffic Types over circuit switched networks - Verify your latest mobile features against a network with various types of traffic generators and receivers.
    • Voice, Fax, Video
    • SMS, MMS, Email, FTP
    • Supplementary IN Services
    • Internet connectivity
    • Multiple PDP contexts
    • All Industry Standard Codecs

What you need for setting up 4G Lab?

4G lab system requires the following equipment, and emulation tools:

For more infomation, visit webpage:
4G LTE Communications Network Lab

Complete 4G CNL with Real eNodeB
Complete 4G CNL with Simulated eNodeB


  • Attach procedure
  • Authentication
  • Security configuration
  • Detach
  • Tracking area update
  • Service access
  • Radio bearer establishment
  • Paging
  • UE Context Setup procedures
  • Web Browsing Session
  • LTE-GPRS mobility management procedure


LTE-GPRS mobility management procedure
Item No. Item Description
  Mobile Web Browsing Simulation
BTS001 Real eNodeB (IP Access) + Mobile Phones + SIMs (Optional)
ETH102 ETH101
MAPS™ LTE S1-MME interface
MAPS™ Diameter Emulator
MAPS™ LTE eGTP (S3, S4, S5, S8, S10, S11 & S16) interface
Mobile Traffic Core-Gateway

Additional - if Simulated BTS is chosen
Mobile Traffic Core-GTP
  Related Software
PKV100 PacketScan™ (Online and Offline)
  RTP Traffic Options
PKS102 RTP Soft Core for RTP Traffic Generation
PKS200 RTP Pass Through Fax Emulation

Optional Codec – AMR – Narrowband (requires additional license)


Optional Codec - EVRC (requires additional license)


Optional Codec – EVRC-B (requires additional license)


Optional Codec – EVRC-C (requires additional license)


Optional Codec – AMR - Wideband (requires additional license)


Optional Codec  - EVS (requires additional license)

PCD109 Optional Codec  - Opus (requires additional license)
  Mobile Traffic Options
PacketCheck™ - Packet GTP Traffic Simulation
Mobile Traffic Core-GTP

Mobile Traffic Core-Gateway
Mobile Traffic Core - GPRS Gb
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