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GL Communications Inc. provides professional telecom engineering and IT consulting services. We provide consulting services to Cellular, Wireless, Microwave, Fiber-Optic, Leased T-1 Network, and Satellite Communications...

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GL products fall under Wireless, Ethernet/IP, Optical, and TDM. In each of these network technologies, we provide both analysis and emulation test equipment. This means we can both simulate signals and analyze...

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06 Aug, 2019 GL Announces Enhanced Voice Quality Testing Solutions
30 Jul, 2019 5G Network Test Suite
16 Jul, 2019 SIP Emulation to Support Instant Messaging using MSRP for Next Generation 911 (NG 9-1-1)
11 Jul, 2019 TDM, Optical, and Packet Multi-Interface (mTOP™) Probe Platform for Test and Measurement
09 Jul, 2019 Enhanced VQuad v10.0, VQT v7.4 & Webviewer v5.8 : Download Now!
02 Jul, 2019 Speech Synthesis to Test Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice Mail (VM) Systems
26 Jun, 2019 Mission Critical Communications Test Solutions - New Tools, More Capabilities
18 Jun, 2019 GL Enhances Datacom Analyzer with Client/Server Scripting
11 Jun, 2019 Advanced Test Platforms for TDM Networks
05 Jun, 2019 Enhanced PacketBroker with Advanced Filter and TTL pulse generation
29 May, 2019 FAA VoIP Interoperability Event
21 May, 2019 GL Enhances T1 E1 Emulation / Analyzer Products & Software v19.4.12
14 May, 2019 Evaluation of Land Mobile Radio and Cellular Networks
07 May, 2019 High Speed OC-3/12 and STM-1/4 Test Platforms for Channelized and UnChannelized Applications
30 Apr, 2019 Analog Legacy Protocol Enhancements
25 Apr, 2019 Linux and MS-Windows APIs for Custom Development of VQuad™ Applications
16 Apr, 2019 GL Enhances End-to-End Wireless Network Simulation Test Suite
08 Apr, 2019 Speech-to-Text Conversion Utility to Test Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice Mail (VM) Systems
02 Apr, 2019 Dynamic IP WAN Impairments Using Scheduler Features 
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