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Voice Analysis Tool (VAT™)

Provides a variety of audio metrics including Frequency Bandwidth, Power, Speech Activity, Active Speech Level, Noise Level, DC Offset, and RMS Power.

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Voice Analysis Tool


VAT™ application analyzes the audio content within any NB, WB, or SWB PCM audio file and generates a variety of audio metrics including Frequency Bandwidth, Speech Activity, Active Speech Level, Noise Level, DC Offset, and RMS Power. When both the Reference file (pre-defined file) and Recorded files are available, the GL VAT™ application can generate additional metrics such as Round Trip and One Way Delay measurement, Audio Dropout analysis, Double-Talk measurements, and Voice Quality Analysis (when also coupled with the GL VQT POLQA solution). Additional metrics of the captured audio includes Speech to Text analysis with pass/fail when coupled with the GL Speech to Text Analysis solution.

GL’s VAT™ operations are fully automated by detecting the audio files within a user-specified directory and analyzing same as the files appear. Using configuration settings associated with the Degraded voice file name, the VAT™ can specify which tests to run, specifies the configuration for each test, and associate the Reference file for tests that require both Degraded and Reference files.

vmobile™ demo video

All the VAT™ associated results are sent to the GL WebViewer™ central database and can be accessed using the WebViewer™ web browser. If the network connection is lost between VAT™ and the database, the data is saved internally. Once the network connection is re-established the data is automatically sent from the VAT™ to the GL WebViewer™ database, so no data is lost.

The vMobile™ - Portable VQT Test Solution is a handheld device which can support full audio testing for mobile phones and mobile radios, as well as providing data testing for mobile phones. The vMobile™ can be hand-carried for walk and drive testing (includes GPS) as well as left in labs and can work directly with GL’s VQuad™ solution for very flexible end-to-end testing. All functionality and configuration of the vMobile™ is accessed using the remote web-based Console or Console App which is installed on any Android or iOS device.

Main Features

  • GL VAT™ supports analyzing any Raw PCM voice file including NB, WB and SWB. Audio files can be generated from any application including GL VQuad™ and vMobile™
  • Fully automated operation with log file containing results and stored in the GL Central Database which can be accessed easily using the GL WebViewer™
  • VAT™ CLI (Command Line Interface) supports remote operation
  • Audio analysis includes, Round Trip and One Way Delay, Dropout Audio analysis, Double-Talk, Power Level and Frequency Analysis, Speech Activity, Active Speech Level and Noise Level, and DC Offset
  • Supports VQT™ analysis when coupled with the GL VQT™ software
  • Supports multiple analytical tests per individual voice file

VAT™ Operations

The VAT™ software provides a user-friendly interface to perform manual and automated analysis of multiple VAT™ tests using a single PCM audio file received from the VQuad™, vMobile™, or any other applications.

Ability to configure single or multiple combinations. Each combination can have multiple VAT™ tests associated with the specific PCM file. VAT™ operation provides results such as

The VAT™ CLI is designed to remotely access various application functionalities and thus control VAT™ nodes located at various destinations. The VAT™ Remote Access (Client) allows VAT™ operations to be remotely controlled by one (or several) VAT™ clients over a LAN, WAN, or Internet.

VAT™ Results

VAT™ results are displayed on the main window and these results can be viewed using GL’s WebViewer™ database and the results can be saved locally to a log file.

VAT™ Results

VAT™ Results

WebViewer™ Database

WebViewer™ Database