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Automated POLQA Voice Quality Testing Software

A comprehensive and automated tool that enables easy and accurate voice quality testing for various network types, including Mobile, VoIP, and PSTN networks.

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GL's Voice Quality Test (VQT) POLQA Auto™ is an advanced, automated solution that analyzes thousands of voice files in mere minutes, effectively evaluating the quality of voice communications across various networks, including VoIP, Mobile, and PSTN. The solution utilizes the Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment (POLQA per ITU-T P.863 version 2.4) algorithm, which is widely acknowledged as the industry benchmark for assessing voice quality. The GL VQT POLQA Auto™ application works in conjunction with GL's VQuad™, vMobile™, Voice Analysis Tool (VAT™), Message Automation and Protocol Simulation (MAPS™), or T1/E1 Analysis platforms reducing analysis time and increasing efficiency.

The VQT POLQA Auto™ fully supports analysis using POLQA ITU version 2.4 algorithm for Narrowband (NB 8000 sampling), Wideband (WB 16000 sampling), and Super Wideband (SWB 48000 sampling). The tool offers a user-friendly interface for automatic operation and generates comprehensive reports that provide detailed information on voice quality metrics such as Mean Opinion Score (MOS), Delay, Jitter, Packet Loss and more. These reports help users to identify issues and make data-driven decisions to improve voice quality. The tool supports a wide range of codecs, including G.711, G.722, AMR, and EVS, making it suitable for testing various types of voice communication.

With the Voice Quality server software installed on Windows® PC and client software running on Windows®/Linux® platforms, users can analyze large quantities of PCM files obtained from any network as well as different sampling rates in minutes, significantly reducing the time required for analysis. The Auto Test feature enables the application to analyze files immediately based on the configured settings upon invocation of the application.

The VQT POLQA Auto™ application operates automatically by applying the POLQA algorithm to degraded (recorded) audio files located within a user-specified local directory. Once the application detects a PCM (or WAV) voice file in the configured directory, the application automatically applies the required algorithm against the reference and degraded PCM voice files and generates the POLQA MOS. The application sends the POLQA results to the centralized database system - Webviewer™ which can filter, query, and generate custom reports.

Main Features

The VQT POLQA Auto™ application automates the entire testing process, analyzes previously recorded files, and provides the POLQA MOS results using the POLQA v2 algorithm.

  • Analyze thousands of bulk PCM voice files in mere minutes
  • The Auto Test feature allows immediate analysis of files according to the configured settings upon invocation of the application
  • Uses POLQA version 2.4 (ITU-T P.863) algorithm for voice quality testing supporting NB (8000 samples), WB (16000 samples) and SWB (48000 samples)
  • Supports the installation of server software on Windows® PC and the client software on Windows®/Linux® platforms
  • VQT POLQA Auto™ analysis results include:
    • E-Model R-Factor
    • Signal Level
    • Noise Level
    • Delay (requires simultaneous Send and Record of the voice files)
    • Jitter
    • Clipping
  • Offers automatic mode of operation with centralized data access
  • Supports voice quality testing over all types of telecom networks - Wireless, VoIP, TDM, and PSTN
  • As part of the POLQA algorithm, the POLQA MOS is generated by utilizing the impact of Packet Jitter and Codec compression in VoIP and Wireless networks
  • Provides remote monitoring with result query and real-time statistics using web based WebViewer™
  • Enables real-time mapping of results directly on Google Maps when used in conjunction with VQuad™ or vMobile™ with GPS option and results sent to WebViewer central database
  • Supports Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable the remote control of VQT POLQA Auto™ nodes

VQT POLQA Auto™ Application Analysis Time

The following table summarizes the average time taken to analyze PCM files when they are provided at the same time using Windows® 11 Pro 64-bit operating system, equipped with a 12th generation Intel® Core™ i9-12900K processor at 3.20 GHz and on 32 GB of RAM.

PCM Type Approximate Time Required to
Process 1000 PCM Files Simultaneously (Min:Sec)
Approximate Time Required to
Process 1 PCM File (Sec)
NB 02:01 0.12
WB 02:13 0.13
SWB 02:26 0.14

On average, when the application is required to analyze multiple PCM files with different sampling rates (300 NB, 300 WB, and 400 SWB files), the total time taken to analyze all the 1000 PCM files at the same time is approximately 02 minutes and 31 seconds.

GL's VQuad™, vMobile™, Message Automation and Protocol Simulation (MAPS™), or T1/E1 Analysis platforms send the recorded voice files to VQT POLQA Auto™ application PC's degraded file path. Once the application detects a PCM voice (degraded voice) file in the configured directory, it automatically applies the required algorithms against the reference and degraded PCM voice files and, if required, removes the PCM voice file from the source directory. The application then sends the results to the central system where the Webviewer™ application is deployed.

VQT POLQA Auto™ Working Principle

VQT POLQA Auto™ Measurements and Results

VQT POLQA Auto™ Measurements

VQT POLQA Auto™ provides an automated method of analysis using a pre-configured VQTAutoProfile.ini file. The VQTAutoProfile.ini file can be manually created. This includes reference file configurations and other required parameters used during analysis.

In this method, any files saved in the degraded directory is analyzed automatically as per the configurations in the VQTAutoProfile.ini file. Also, the application allows a single degraded directory to support multiple file types.

VQT POLQA Auto™ Measurements

VQT POLQA Auto™ Results

GL's VQT POLQA Auto™ generate reports that provide detailed information on voice quality metrics such as

  • VQT Auto™ Timestamp: The time at which the VQT POLQA Auto™ application analyzes the PCM file
  • POLQA MOS: The POLQA MOS score is generated using the POLQA V2 ITU algorithm
  • Rating: The POLQA score can provide a user-specified rating based on the settings in the POLQA Rating Criteria under the General Config window as:
    • Excellent
    • Good
    • Fair
    • Poor
  • Degraded File: Provides the path of the detailed degraded PCM files used for analysis. For example: C:\VQT_Degraded\1\fem1_1.pcm
  • Enabling the Capture Events option allows the user to save VQT POLQA Auto™ results to a file for post-processing viewing and offline analysis
  • User can select the required result on the results pane to view the brief results as shown
VQT POLQA Auto™ Results

GL's WebViewer™ provides the method to display and access, in real time, the entire vMobile™/ VQuad™ network including all individual vMobile™/VQuad™ Probe HD as well as the central location. Current status of the entire test is displayed along with customized user statistics and results of the active tests.

The results/events associated with the vMobile™/VQuad™ and the VQT POLQA Auto™ analysis is sent to the central database and can be queried using the GL WebViewer™ (web browser). Outputs of the query can be displayed in tabular or graphical format while also output to Excel® or Text. Also, can schedule the results to configured email in PDF or Excel formats. Results can also be displayed in Google Maps (GPS connectivity is required).

POLQA results plotted on Google Map

POLQA results plotted on Google Map

WebViewer™ displaying VQT POLQA Auto™ Measurements

WebViewer™ displaying VQT POLQA Auto™ Measurements


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