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Mission Critical Communications Test Solutions


GL Communications has offered highly reliable test equipment and software solutions for decades to professionals in Military, Maritime, Aerospace, and Transport industries to test their mission critical communication networks. Based on customer requirements and feedback, many customized test solutions continue to be developed to meet the challenges of today’s on-demand, mobile, and dynamic emergency and tactical operations.

GL test equipment and software solutions are tailored to meet the mission-critical communications’ need for real-time mission readiness, 24/7 availability, support for advanced technology, field and regression testing, and on-demand technical support.

  • Multi-technology and Integrated Test Platforms from GL, such as mTOP™, VQuad™ Probe HD, and MAPS™ significantly reduce cost towards use of multiple test instruments
  • Provides fully automated and remote testing capabilities
  • Accurate Time Synchronization - Absolute, Relative, Difference, NTP; Up to Nano-seconds resolution
  • Support extensive tools to test smooth migration from legacy networks to next generation IP networks
  • Support logging of signaling, voice, and data for Lawful Interception

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