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Testing Backhaul Networks


With rapid rise in mobile communications, as data and video penetrate the mobile market, wireless backhaul is gaining popularity. IP and Ethernet backhaul over fiber, microwave, and even TDM (T1 E1 T3 E3 OC-3 and OC-12) is gaining momentum. Operators have chosen alternate backhaul solutions such as leased T1 E1, Ethernet, IP, Satellite, Microwave, and Fiber to minimize expenses. Traditional T1 E1 circuits are not sufficient, operators must be equipped with optimum tools to monitor and troubleshoot various types of backhaul to ensure that the network is capable of reliable transmission to a growing number of cellular sites.

GL provides various test solutions to monitor and test backhaul networks.

Our test gear helps test backhaul networks no matter what type of media, bandwidth, or signaling is over the network. Our products are portable, hand-held, or PC based equipments and are used successfully by customers world-wide to monitor and troubleshoot deployed networks.

GL offers a complete line of SONET/SDH, Ethernet, TDM, T1/E1, T3/E3, Microwave, and Satellite Test Solutions, providing cellular operators with versatile test solutions.

GL’s Universal Test & Monitoring Platform, allows custom packaging with plug-and play hardware interfaces and features, that comes close to meeting the market's requirement of a single, portable, configurable solution.

Backhaul network testing solution


Main Features

Examples of the type of performance monitoring and control that can be achieved includes:

  • Test cellular IP backhaul, carrier Ethernet backhaul, etc.
  • Test T1 E1 T3 E3 cellular backhaul (delay, throughput, error free transmission).
  • Drill down into an individual voice channel of an STM-1/STM-4/T1 E1/T3 E3 trunk (from among thousands of voice channels)
  • Remotely monitor, store, record, each and every voice call, collect call records 24/7
  • Test and assess voice and data quality of tactical voice communications in the field using live speech and data
  • Simulate backhaul systems in the convenience of your Lab.
  • Test point-to-point and multipoint circuits.
  • “in motion” Mobile data, and voice quality as a function of geography, time of day, data rate, uplink/downlink – Plot data on Google maps software
  • Assess remotely, and non-intrusively 24/7 backhaul transmission performance, listen to audio over active Abis, IuB, or SS1 trunks
  • Collect performance data daily, weekly, monthly, or over an extended period of time •
  • Perform remote protocol analysis of individual transactions of complex IP protocols