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RF Propagation Tool

For free RF propagation analysis (Offered on a limited basis for US customers only) please click here:


RF design tools and optimization software help engineers design and analyze radio networks in order to ensure that they meet stringent quality and reliability requirements per ITU and other industry standards. Some of the important RF design tools are:

  • RF Propagation Studies

    RF propagation is the transmission of radio signals from a transmitter to a receiver. The characteristics of a propagating RF signal largely depends on the radio frequency, geographic terrain, foliage, buildings, and varying weather conditions. Radio network designers would like to predict RF coverage based on a set of proposed system requirements that also include proposed site locations, antennas, and radiating power and other such parameters. Such a prediction helps determine whether the intended service objectives can be met.

  • Microwave Path Profiles
  • Intermodulation Interference Studies

For free RF Propagation analysis please click here(Offered on a limited basis for US customers only)

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