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Microwave Path Profile Analysis

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Microwave Path Profile

A first step in microwave path design is positioning microwave antennas to form a line-of-site connection between two stations. Curvature of the earth, terrain elevation, buildings and trees must all be taken into consideration when planning the microwave link. Intrusions into the signal path by terrain, trees, buildings, or other obstacles can degrade the signal quality by causing signal attenuation and reflection or refraction of the signal. A path profile provides information on where interference might occur and aids in selecting an appropriate path and antenna height. .

Software, such as GL Communications Path Profile Tool, uses topographical information to plot a terrain profile for each path. Parameters such as frequency, earth curvature, and desired Fresnel clearance can be entered to locate a path that meets the required level of clearance.


At present we have the terrain data only for the United States. For all other areas you will have to provide the terrain data for the area of your microwave link in order for us to complete the analysis.

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The sample result from our path profile analysis is shown below:

Result from GL Communications Inc's Path Profile Analysis Tool

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