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2G Networks - Analysis and Simulation

GL’s GSM Test Suite

GL’s GSM test suite supports testing GSM, GPRS, MAP, CAP, INAP, TRAU, SS7, and SIGTRAN networks. These are discussed in greater detail below.

The representation of GSM network above indicates the support of most of the interfaces by GL’s test tools. In summary.

  • GL’s TDM probes and  PacketScan™ - an All-IP monitoring and analysis probe, along with NetSurveyorWeb™ allow centralized monitoring of entire GSM GPRS network
  • GL’s VQuad is used for end-to-end Automated Voice, Data & Video Quality Testing with speech metrics such as PESQ, and POLQA, combined with other metrics such as delay, packet loss, drops, and more
  • GL’s general-purpose protocol simulation tool - MAPS™ - supports simulation of signalling and traffic over GSM GPRS interfaces.
  • Wide range of codec support, including AMR WB, and extensive per-call reports
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Solutions Combined - Brochure
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Solutions Combined - Brochure

GL’s suite of “Wireless Networks Lab Solutions” Brochure

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2G Communications Network Lab

Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to Base Station Controller (BSC) Interface (Abis Interface)

Mobile Switching Center (MSC) to Base Station Controller (BSC), GatewayMSC (GMSC) (A, E Interface)



Gateway MSC (GMSC) to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) (CAP, ISUP Interface)