Satellite Test Solutions for Tactical & Disaster Management

22nd March 2019

Welcome to another March 2019 issue of GL Communications' newsletter providing information and insight into our Satellite Test Solutions for Data Communication, Tactical and Disaster Management in Mobile, Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellite networks.

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The characteristics of satellite communications such as Variable channel, Propagation Delay, and Limited Bandwidth, present challenges and opportunities for the service provider. Effective test tools are required for monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting and management of the satellite networks.

GL provides various test solutions to monitor and test Mobile, LEOs, GEOs satellite systems used in telecommunication no matter what type of media, bandwidth, or signaling is over the network. Our products are portable, hand-held, or compact rack-based equipment and deployed successfully by customers world-wide to monitor and troubleshoot satellite networks.

GL's new mTOP™ Test Platform is an integrated and multi-interface (TDM-Optical-Packet) rack enclosure that provides a wide range of test solutions for satellite-based communication networks. It offers a complete line of SONET/SDH, Ethernet, Packet, TDM, T1/E1, T3/E3, 4-wire analog, 2-wire FXO, PTT, Bluetooth, GPS, Datacom interfaces (V.35 and RS-422), providing service provider with versatile test solutions.

Integrated mTOP™ Rack Mount

Integrated mTOP™ Rack Mount

Some of the important test solutions for the Satellite network are discussed below.

  • Delay Measurement over VoIP, T1 E1, Datacom, T3 E3, Optical, and Ethernet Interfaces
  • Echo Delay Compensation
  • Satellite Delay, Error, Jitter Simulation
  • Voice and Data Quality testing
  • Satellite Network Monitoring, and Troubleshooting

Visit Testing Satellite Communications for complete list.

Test Solutions

  • Satellite Delay Measurement

    GL's sophisticated test tools provide capability for Satellite Delay Measurement over Ethernet/IP, T1 E1, Datacom, T3 E3, & Optical Interfaces.

    Delay Measurement in IP over Satellite Networks

    Delay Measurement in IP over Satellite Networks

    GL provides many tools to test and measure echo canceller performance. Using the tools, users can test the echo cancellers or simulate the echo cancellation across the network to ensure error-free voice communications.

    GL’s T1 E1 Test Solutions are capable of carrying large volume of calls over T1 E1 and Fractional T1 E1 interfaces which are commonly used in the telecom and in satellite networks. In military applications, T1 E1 tend to be used in “UnChannelized” (aggregation of multiple timeslots) and perhaps even “unframed” modes (uses the framing bits) for voice and data traffic.

    GL’s Datacom Analyzer/Emulator is designed to test and verify data communications equipment and circuits which are commonly encountered in military links, satellite circuits, WAN, and data modem interfaces.

    Network Delay Emulator application can emulate packet delays that occur over SONET/SDH carrying ATM/PoS traffic. It provides full duplex delay simulation for PoS and ATM based traffic from 1 ms to 500 ms, with incremental delays of 1 ms. OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/STM-4, T3/E3 Test Platforms for Ethernet / Optical networks from GL can simulate real-time network impairments.

    IP-based Satellite Mobile Backhaul networks are characterized by the service level agreement (SLA). An Ethernet/IP tester used in satellite communications must support BERT, RFC 2544, and Y.1564 SLA tests at minimum. GL’s PacketExpert™- Ethernet IP testers platform are precisely designed to handle Ethernet Testing over 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps networks.

  • Satellite Delay Compensation

    GL’s Echo Mitigation System (EMS) Software can be deployed on the GEOs satellite systems to eliminate the varying delay/echo resulting from different backhaul technologies used to transport audio through the system. EMS solution allows for the measurement of delay from each site of a group of radio sites as well as the application of offsetting delays to mitigate the echo impairment.

    Test platforms for T1 E1 from GL can insert independent delays for each DS0 in each direction with increments as low as 0.125ms, and also receive an accurate measurement in milliseconds of the round-trip circuit delay. The test tools permit delay and error simulation over TDM networks to assess voice, data, and video applications.

    GL offers a host of test solutions for simulation and testing delays, errors, and other impairments over Electrical and Optical Ethernet networks. They also allow the user to accurately emulate bandwidth, latency, loss and congestion. Visit Network Impairment Simulation for complete details.

Satellite Delay Compensation
  • Satellite Delay, Error, Jitter Simulation

    Re-create a LEO Satellite network environment emulating delay or latency, jitter, random bit errors, restricted bandwidth, packet re-ordering, packet-duplication, and packet loss. GL’s Network Impairment Simulation tools are simple and affordable and allows to test the various applications in a controlled lab environment prior to live deployment to optimize the performance of the applications for the end-users. GL offers host of such solutions for testing and simulation of network impairments.

    GL also provides tools that permits delay and error simulation over TDM networks to assess voice, data, and video applications - Visit ../errorinsertion.html for more details.

Test Tools, and Requirements for Satellite Backhaul Mobile Networks
  • Test Tools, and Requirements for Satellite Backhaul Mobile Networks

    Our Complete Wireless Network Test Suite provides reliable integrated solutions to vendors and service providers for simulation, monitoring, troubleshooting any wireless network, including, 4G, 3G, 2G and upcoming 5G. All functionalities conform to industry standards.

    Test, monitor, and troubleshoot all the core network elements and traffic types within the Wireless infrastructure for deployment-readiness, functionalities, inter-operability, performance and latest mobile features. Test end-user applications, devices, and services on a simulated wireless infrastructure environment prior to deployment on a real-time network.

Satellite Backhaul for Mobile Networks

Satellite Backhaul for Mobile Networks

  • Voice and Data Quality Testing of Satellite Channels

    The Voice, Video, and Data Test solution includes tools that allow users to send and receive simulated voice and data traffic (as seen in real-time) over satellite network and perform the QoS measurements using ITU-T standard – PESQ and POLQA. Various analytical results are provided such as MOS, E-Model, Signal Level, SNR, jitter, clipping, noise level, and delay. VQuad™ allows for automated call control, and traffic simulation to conduct tests on Wireless, IP, PSTN and TDM networks.  Different types of traffic supported includes - NB and HD Voice, Video, Tones, DTMF/MF Digits, Fax, and Data (HTTP, UDP, TCP, SMS, Email, DNS, Route, FTP, ….).

Voice and Data Quality Testing of Satellite Channels
  • Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Satellite network

    GL Surveillance System scalable, so that it can be used for various applications like Billing Verification, Fraud Detection, Protocol Analysis, Traffic Engineering, QoS, Call Recording etc.

    It offers a variety of Protocol Analysis probes over TDM, IP, and Wireless networks that capture packets/frames, perform detailed analysis of voice band streams gathering QOS statistics such as ITU G.107 E Model MOS, along with detailed packet/frame statistics, such as total packets, reordered, duplicate and missing packet counts, gap, jitter, and delay measurements. The client can access database information remotely via Web Browsers.

Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Satellite network

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