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SS7/Sigtran Analysis and Simulation

SS7 Analysis and Simulation Network

SS7 Analysis and Simulation over T1 E1

  • Analysis of SS7 through comprehensive analysis products for T1, E1, T3, OC-3, STM-1
    • Rack mount and portable products
      • Dual, Quad, or Octal PCI Bus Cards for Rack or Tower PC mount
      • Portable USB based units
    • Analyze and Simulate thousands of channels
    • STP or SCP or SSP Emulation
    • A, B, E, F link analysis and simulation
    • GSM/UMTS MAP interfaces analysis and simulation
    • All traffic types (Voice, Digits, Tones, Fax, and Modem)
    • Network-wide intrusive and non-intrusive test/monitoring solutions
    • Remote access through TCP/IP, centralized collection & database in addition to a variety of probes for SS7 networks
  • Web based network surveillance system for TDM Networks
    • Access real-time and historic data remotely via browser-based clients.
    • Interfaces with Oracle database for storing real-time and historical data.
    • Multi-user support
    • Web Server Database Engine + Protocol Analyzers on a single system
    • Provides protocol signaling summary and call detail records (CDRs)
    • Drill-down to calls of interest with filter and/or search options
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – Voice, Signaling, Delay Measurements, Call Duration

  • High Capacity Simulation using MAPS™ (SS7) product
    • STP or SCP or SSP Emulation
    • A, B, E, F link emulation
    • All traffic types (Voice, Digits, Tones, Fax, and Modem)
    • Simulate thousands of channels

SSP to PSTN Network


SSP to EO (End Office) Interface

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SS7 Analysis and Simulation over IP (SIGTRAN)


Signaling Gateway (SG) and Media Gateway Controller (MGC) Interface

    • Analyze the SS7 signaling traffic between a signaling gateway (SG) and a media gateway controller (MGC) – Visit SIGTRAN Analyzer
    • Web based network surveillance system for IP Networks. Visit Network Surveillance System page.
    • Complete SIGTRAN Emulation - Visit MAPS™ SS7 Sigtran Emulation.

Signaling Gateway (SG) and IP-enabled signaling control point (IP-SCP) Interface

GSM / UMTS MAP CAP Interfaces

MAP protocol analysis and simulation

Network Surveillance and Monitoring Products for SS7 Networks

Analysis and Simulation Solution for Ensuring SS7 Network Security

Analysis and Simulation Solution

The mobile communication infrastructures have evolved from traditional circuit-based networks into broadband and IP-based networks.  In this process SIGTRAN was proposed for carrying SS7 PSTN signaling over IP. The vulnerabilities in SS7 signaling protocol inherited to SIGTRAN allowing intruders to easily intercept mobile networks.  Although large scale attacks are not common, still they may significantly impact individual subscribers with financial loss, confidential data leaks, and/or disruption of communication services (voice and sms). As per “SS7 and SIGTRAN Network Security” high-level recommendations, there is a serious need for a complete SS7 traffic monitoring and analysis system to check if there are real SS7 attacks. And a solution to simulate SS7 illegitimate messages in order to create filters at various check-points in the network and block such messages.