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Telecom Testing Tools & Solutions
Network-wide Testing, Troubleshooting, Installation & Maintenance | Wireless, All-IP, TDM, PSTN

GL Communications has over the years worked with major telecom equipment vendors (EVs) and system integrators to meet the testing requirements arising at various stages of telecommunications product development life-cycle.

With its proven expertise of over 25 years, GL has a comprehensive suite of telecom testing solutions to verify and ensure 'quality and reliability' of variety of telecom networks including Wireless, and high-speed fibre optic lines

A broad classification of the test and measurement solutions based on different networks
Network Testing, Troubleshooting, Installation and Maintenance
Communications Network - Protocol and Data Test Solutions
Voice, Video, and Data Testing

GL's test tools range from simple PC-based software test tool to all-encompassing hardware units with futuristic expansion capacities.  GL's test solutions cover wide array of networks – 4G (LTE), 3G, IP, Ethernet, T1, T3, E1, E3, OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/STM-4, and traditional PSTN networks.

The tools are widely used by the telecommunication industry for conformance testing, automated stress/load testing, performance testing, remote accessibility, centralized web-based control and analysis, fault testing and analysis, and customized testing.

Applications of GL Test and Measurement Tools

  • Troubleshooting and delivering quality services to customers
  • Equipment conformance testing
  • End-to-end testing services
  • Interoperability testing 
  • Test automation
  • Network deployment and testing
  • Critical voice, data, video, and other traffic quality testing (QoS)
  • Protocol simulation and verification
  • Wrap-around testing
  • Mobile application and handset testing
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