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Complete Voice Quality Testing Solutions Wins Internet Telephony's Product Of The Year Award 2004

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Communications is dramatically changing right now, as “mobility” and “IP” technologies such as LTE, Advanced LTE, WiMax, 3G, and Broadband Internet, lead this transformation. As these technologies are rolled out, basic voice/video/data quality will ultimately determine the fate of carriers and end equipment manufacturers. Simple and effective methods of testing voice, video, and data are sorely needed - GL’s Voice, Video, and Data Quality Test Solution provides this flexibility of connecting to and between any network, any service, and any interface.

VQuad™ - Dual UTA, or the all-in-one VQuad™ Probe forms the central point of control for performing automated tests for voice, data, and video to and from Wireless devices (WiFi, Bluetooth®, 3G, 4G, LTE), Broadband Internet (3G, 4G), VoIP devices, PSTN, and TDM circuits assessing performance, quality and reliability of practically any network. Various associated applications (Voice Quality, Video Quality, Data tests, Echo and Delay tests, Fax tests, VBA) works with VQuad™ to provide "end-to-end assessment" with additional test and measuring capabilities. All the applications work in conjunction with the VQuad™ for automatically and remotely analysing the captured data and sending the test results to the central database. You can query results remotely or control the tests using web-based WebViewer™.

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Further, VQuad™ scripting provides for automation, mobility, remote accessibility, along with centralized analysis and data retrieval, which are just a few attributes of GL’s next generation Voice, Video, and Data Testing solution.

Associated applications with VQuad™ includes:

  • Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software for analysis according to widely accepted ITU (International Telecommunications Union) voice comparison algorithms (POLQA, PESQ LQ/LQO/WB)
  • Data Quality Testing (NetTest™)application for performing automated data testing on a wireless or wired network; tests include TCP, UDP, VoIP, Route, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMS, Email, SIMInfo, Phone Info, and UEInfo
  • Video Quality Testing (VAC™) application for performing fully automated Video Conference testing and get Audio and Video MOS QoS results along with several analytical metrics
  • Echo Measurement Utility (EMU) for echo and delay measurements, including RTD, OWD, ERL, EPD, and more
  • Voice-band Analyzer (VBA) for monitoring voice band traffic (Speech Level, Activity Factor, RMS Factor, DC Level, Noise Level, Jitter, Echo Return Loss, Echo Delay, and Echo Dispersion)
  • Fax Quality Testing for emulation and analysis of T.30 faxes (GLInsight™ or FaxScan™)
  • Drive Testing solution for plotting all results and call control information along with co-ordinates using GPS receiver option in VQuad™, and Google Maps option within WebViewer™
  • WebViewer™ for web based controlling and monitoring VQuad™ nodes over the entire network 

Thus, GL provides the complete solution for Voice, Video, and Data Testing and Analysis. Listed below are the GL’s hardware / software platforms used for voice quality testing solutions across various networks.


The VQuad™ provides the one box solution for sending/recording voice/video/data over a variety of network interfaces in an automated and synchronized manner. The VQuad™ requires a universal adapter hardware such as Dual Universal Telephone Adapter (Dual UTA), or Dual UTA HD that provides multiple interfaces for connecting to any communication device on a network.  The Dual UTA is a portable USB based hardware that supports several interfaces including Mobile (includes wired, Bluetooth®, Wifi, Broadband (3G or 4G), LTE), Analog 2-wire, Phone Handset and Mobile Radio.

dditionally, Dual UTA HD (High Density) includes support for Bluetooth® Wideband, FXO Wideband and SIP Wideband (ex: AMR WB), with which you can easily interface with any Mobile Device, FXO, or SIP devices supporting HD Voice.
The VQuad™ works with any of the above hardware to perform end-to-end testing of variety of networks, including Wireless (Bluetooth®, Wi-fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, PTT), VoIP, Analog, and TDM, practically allowing any end-point interfaces to be tested for voice, data, and video quality. Various associated applications (Voice QualityVideo QualityData testsEcho and Delay testsFax testsVoice Band Analysis) works with VQuad™ to provide "end-to-end assessment" with additional test and measuring capabilities.

The VQuad™  supports automated call control for establishing calls and verifying the call is up prior to sending/recording voice. A GPS option permits time synchronization between two geographically separated systems as well as location information for Drive Testing. Thus the test results as well as the call control information can be plotted to local street maps (most all countries supported). The VQuad™ ITS (Indoor Tracking System) provides the means to add location information to the VQuad™ results when GPS is not available (i.e. Underground Train systems). V

  • With Dual UTA or Dual UTA HD, VQuad™ supports connecting to:
    • Wireless communication devices (Mobile phones, Smart phones (iPhone, Android), Military/Mobile radio, Bluetooth®, WiMax, WiFi, Broadband 3G/4G, LTE))
    • 2-wire Analog Simulation (FXO port) using Dual UTA and vHandi™ (Handheld Analog Line Tester) for connecting to ATA, PSTN, Switch Router
    • Wireless radio (PTT supported)
    • Phone Handset for connecting to VoIP phones, Digital phones, Analog phones.
  • VoIP User Agent Simulation (supports both SIP and H.323 protocols)
  • T1/E1 Simulation (supports both CAS and PRI ISDN protocols)
  • GPS and ITS location tracking with results overlay
  • Supports next-generation voice quality testing for fixed, mobile and IP networks using POLQA (ITU-T P.863)

Full support is also available for remote access of the VQuad™ and an SDK directly to the Dual UTA hardware (VQuad™ not required to be running).

For more information, please visit VQuad™ webpage.

Truly Portable platform for VQuad™

VQuad™ Probe – A Self-Contained Unit with VQuad™, Dual UTA, and PC

GL's new VQuad™ Probe is an all-in-one self-contained VQuad™ with Dual UTA test instrument. This comprehensive hardware device incorporates all the features of the current VQuad™ with Dual UTA unit such as portability and remote accessibility along with the necessary PC hardware with Win7 OS. The VQuad™ probe can be controlled via Ethernet Remote Desktop (with support for mouse/keyboard) and is of same length as the current Dual UTA hardware, but about twice as high and 50% wider.

VQuad™ and Dual UTA – NetBook PC

VQuad™ with the Dual UTA can be purchased with a NetBook PC for a truly lightweight portable solution. The Dual UTA is fully compatible with the miniature NetBook and allows the VQuad™ software to be installed for full testing without any performance issues.


A central databased stores the real-time and historic results from connected VQuad™ Probes.

Various associated applications (Voice Quality, Video Quality, Data tests, Echo and Delay tests, Fax tests, VBA) works with VQuad™ Probe to provide "end-to-end assessment" with additional test and measuring capabilities. All the applications work in conjunction with the VQuad™ for automatically and remotely analysing the captured data and sending the test results to the central database. GL's WebViewer™ facilitates display of these test results, query and filter all results/events/errors from connected VQuad™ Probes using a simple web browser. All the nodes, and associated applications (Command Center, VQuad™, VQT, File Monitor, VBA, EMU, FAX, and VAC) can be accessed or controlled remotely through this web interface. The associated application status and the test results with GPS co-ordinates can be plotted on google maps. WebViewer™ also supports user-defined statistics and events configuration for both tabular and graphical outputs.

vHandi™ - Handheld Analog Line Tester

GL’s vHandi™ is a compact portable hand-held FXO simulator (Foreign Exchange Office) that can simulate an analog phone. The vHandi™ call and voice tests can be completely automated or manually performed. The vHandi™ can work with GL’s Voice Quality Test application to perform centralized voice quality measurements and analysis.

Active & Passive Voice Quality Testing

The VQuad™ provides the one box active QoS solution for sending/recording voice over a variety of network interfaces in an automated and synchronized manner. Using the GL VQT, analysis of the recorded voice files can automatically be executed from the VQuad™ in an intrusive manner. The VQT utilizes the ITU algorithms POLQA, PESQ LQ/LQO/WB, PSQM, and PAMS. In addition to sending/recording voice, the VQuad™ also supports automated call control for establishing calls and verifying the call is up prior to sending/recording voice. VQuad™ now supports next-generation voice quality testing for fixed, mobile and IP-based networks using POLQA (ITU-T P.863) standard.

The GL Passive Quality of Service testing allows one to monitor voice anywhere within a network (using the desired VoIP/TDM/Analog Network probe) and gather statistics and quality of service measurements. The various network probes utilize GL hardware and software applications to support T1/E1, Analog, and VoIP networks. All network probes are non-intrusive and require no active testing on either side of the call. Rather, the non-intrusive Passive Monitoring utilizes the metrics from the voice or VoIP RTP and provides statistics, analytical measurements, and in certain cases MOS results.

Intrusive Network Voice Quality Testing

The Global Network VQT system can be achieved using multiple VQuad™ systems (nodes) at various locations, accessing the network as wireless, analog, VoIP, and TDM. A central VQuad™ Command Center will provide full control of all nodes by running user-defined scripts for all desired tests. The VQT software will provide the voice analysis of all nodes along with additional analytical metrics, round trip delay measurements, jitter, clipping, and call control statistics. Finally, the WebViewer™ is used to remotely control the entire system, display real time statistics and status of the entire system, and query the VQT results and display in both tabular and graphical formats.

The WebViewer™ is a web application that can control the VQT, Command Center and individual VQuad™ applications and is capable of creating configurations/scripts, loading configurations/scripts, and starting/stopping the tests remotely. The WebViewer™ can also remotely query the VQT database and display the results both in tabular and graphical format. The WebViewer™ can access the VQT central database from a web interface for querying the results and displaying in both tabular and graphical formats.

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Automated Network-Wide Voice Quality Monitoring

The Network Voice Quality Testing Monitoring solution from GL Communications provides a complete intrusive testing solution for any desired network including Wireless, VoIP, Analog, and TDM. This GL solution consists of 5 parts: Distributed VQuad™ probes, VQuad™ Command Center, array of analysis applications (VQT, VBA, VAC, MDC, & EMU), central location database, and Remote Client web-browsers. Many VQuad™ nodes (termination points) are supported, each VQuad™ Node supporting up to 8 interfaces, mobile or static. The Central Location includes the database (all analytical results and call progress events), Command Center for a more flexible control/scheduling of the Network tests, and the Analysis algorithms for Voice Quality and Echo Measurements. The WebViewer™ application provides user-defined querying of the central location database over the internet or local network.

Wireless/Wireline/VoIP Voice Quality Testing and Monitoring System

This system provides real-time voice quality measurement across a diverse set of networks. Voice calls are automatically placed between end points; quality is measured and provided for display at an NMS. Voice measurements include MOS (Mean Opinion Score), round trip delay (RTD), jitter, clipping, voice levels, etc. The essential elements of this system are Wireless / Wireline / VoIP Nodes to establish calls and send / receive voice files in real-time, and the Regional Command Center (RCC) to control the nodes. It also includes Remote Client WebViewer™ to remotely control the RCC, access, sort, and display all data collected by the RCC.


Listed below are the various GL solutions for the desired voice, video, data quality analysis:

VQT Software

The GL VQT software provides the voice quality measurement and analysis tools for all types of networks carrying voice traffic. The VQT provides the analysis of the recorded voice files using ITU specifications POLQA (ITU-T P.863), PESQ (P.862.1), PESQ WB (P.862.2), PSQM (P.861), and PAMS (P.800). The VQT is an intrusive quality of service algorithm that can be executed in an automated fashion along with the VQuad™. Degraded voice files automatically transferred from VQuad™ nodes to VQT analysis via File Monitor Utility. For more call density, the software can be used with MAPS™ or T1/E1 Analysis products. Results are saved to a database that may be queried using the remote WebViewer™ application.

VQT Solutions in Wireless Networks

GL's VQuad™ Probe (combined with VQT) supports voice quality testing solution for Wireless  with various interfaces such as Bluetooth®, WiFi, 3G, 4G, & LTE. These products allow wireless network providers and equipment manufacturers to quantify impairments in a consolidated, unified, and "end-to-end" manner. Impairments to voice quality such as poor mobile phone quality, voice compression and decompression algorithms, delay, loss and gain in speech levels, noise, acoustic and landline echo, and other distortions are easily accessed and accurately measured. Automatic synchronization, automation, remote access, GPS, and time-stamping features provide added flexibility.

Independent locations connected to the wireless network via mobile phones can be easily configured for sending reference voice files and recording the received degraded file, thus allowing end-to-end path analysis.
Military Applications of Voice Quality Testing

  • Test Voice Quality of Military Radios in dynamic tactical environments
  • Assess frequency management strategies and their effects on Voice Quality
  • Assess "radio net" performance
  • Test robustness to spectrum jamming and other interference
  • Easy interface to any Military Radios, i.e. PTT (Push to Talk)

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Landline to Wireless
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Wireless to VoIP Phone
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Wireless to VoIP
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Additional Information:

VQT Solutions in VoIP Networks

Voice transmission over packet networks present challenging quality of service issues - including echo, delay, voice clipping, and other impairments due to lost or jittered packets. These problems are exacerbated even further during high loads or high degree of voice compression. Consequently, testing voice quality over VoIP has become increasingly important. Adequate tools for creating stress conditions and characterizing and measuring impairments are also essential.

All VoIP Codec supported including - G.711, G.711 App II with VAD, G.729, G.726, G.726 with VAD, GSM, AMR NB and WB, EVRC, SMV, iLBC, SPEEX NB and WB, G722, and G722.1.

Click here for more comprehensive information on the above codecs.

GL’s VQuad™ with the optional VoIP package provides a complete voice quality testing solution for VoIP network elements.

Landline to VoIP
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Wireless to VoIP Phone
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Wireless to VoIP
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Additional Information:

VQT Solutions in PSTN Networks

GL's voice quality testing solution for PSTN (testing analog 2-wire interfaces) includes GL's VQuad™ with the optional FXO (2-wire analog) interface. The VQuad™ provides for automatic call establishment and teardown, sending and recording of voice files, and automatic analysis of voice quality with VQT software.

Landline to VoIP
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Landline to Wireless
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Additional Information:

VQT Solutions in TDM Networks

GL's voice quality testing solution for PSTN (testing analog 2-wire interfaces) includes GL's VQuad™ with the optional T1E1 interface. The T1E1 interface is supported by GL’s USB based T1 E1 Analyzer unit or HD PCI T1 E1 Analyzer cards. The VQuad™ provides for automatic call establishment and teardown, sending and recording of voice files, and automatic analysis of voice quality with VQT software. VQuad™ can generate and receive up to 8 simultaneous CAS or PRI ISDN or No Call Control (NOCC) calls on T1 or E1 trunks.

Wireless to T1E1 Testing
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VoIP to T1E1 Testing
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T1E1 to T1E1 Testing
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Additional Information:

Data Quality Testing (NetTest) on Wireless and IP Networks

GL’s VQuad™ solution is enhanced to support Data Testing using the NetTest application from PC and from mobile device (using MDC).

Using the VQuad™ product along with a standard PC internet connection, automated tests including TCP, UDP, HTTP, VoIP, Route, FTP, DNS, SMS, Email, PhoneInfo, SimInfo, and UEInfo are supported. The PC internet connection can be wired Ethernet, WiFi, or even Broadband card (both LTE and 3G fully supported).

Also available is the GL’s NetTest package for Data Testing on any supported Mobile Device. This feature uses downloadable apps for both Apple and Android devices and is remotely controlled via the GL Mobile Device Controller (MDC) system. Using VQuad™ one can remotely and automatically perform these same Data Tests on Apple and Android devices when connected to LTE/3G networks or over a WiFi network.

  • Automated Data Testing (NetTest) for Apple/Android Mobile Devices and for PC Internet connection (Broadband 3G/4G, WiFi, Wired) including TCP, UDP capacity, VoIP, Route, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMS, Email, PhoneInfo, SimInfo, and UEInfo.
  • Data Testing supports remotely deployed GL Data Server target points for end-to-end testing.
  • Statistics and complete results are available through the WebViewer™ for both Mobile Device NetTests and PC based NetTests.

Video Quality Testing on Wireless and IP Networks

Video Quality Test Solution is used to determine the performance of a video call over a given network. It provides support for Android, PC and Linux based clients (end points) for active Video Quality Testing.   Video Tests can be configured between any two active agents with flexibility on specifying the characteristics of the Video test.  Tests can be run directly from the VQuad™ interface, or from the Android phones using the GLNetTest app configuring end points (Agents) and the test plan for the test.

The test plans are pre-configured on the VAC server and the list of available test plans is visible in both VQuad™/MDC, as well as GLNetTest application.  A test can run between android to android, android to PC and PC to PC.  Both manual and automated tests are supported using the flexible and versatile VQuad™ scripts. 
Once the testing is complete, the results are sent to the central database, which can be viewed using WebViewer™.

  • Single or multiple (consecutive and/or concurrent) test IP video calls between licensed Agents
  • Supports Android, Windows, and Linux video end client devices
  • Unlimited test plans configurations with Codec, Frame Rate, GoP (Group of Pictures) Structure and Video Image Size
  • Video conferencing test results include end point details, Video Quality (Relative MOS-V), Audio Quality (Relative MOS-A), Audio Video Quality (Relative MOS-AV), IP Network condition parameters, Signaling Performance, and Call Config Info

Echo Measurement Utility (EMU)

The Echo Measurement Utility is used for Echo, delay, and voice quality analysis of voice calls in VoIP, TDM, 2Wire, and Mobile networks

  • Ability to automate the entire test process using VQuad™ scripting; including sending the results to the central database for access via GL’s WebViewer™.
  • EMU uses EMU Client software to automatically detect the incoming degraded voice files and send the measurements to database after analysis

Network Delay Measurements

GL’s Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA) features a built in Round Trip Delay (RTD) and One-Way Delay (OWD) measurement capabilities. This can be performed while both network end points are collocated or geographically separated.

Voice-band Analysis

The Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer (VBA) is an analysis tool for monitoring voice band network traffic. The VBA can host different analysis modules for monitoring speech and noise levels, line echo. The standard modules included in the application are ITU-T P.56 Active Voice Level analysis, and Line Echo (Hybrid) analysis. Other analysis modules such as ITU-T P.561, P.562, and P.563 can be hosted as plug-ins.

Other Related Products & Solutions

Analog Phone Simulator

The DCOSS APS (Analog Phone Simulator) converts a GL DCOSS into an analog phone simulator that simulates a bank of up to 384 analog telephones. Using a basic DCOSS with T1 trunks along with the APSCB24/48 external boxes, the DCOSS APS may be used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, Gateway, or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces. The DCOSS APS can generate/receive analog calls and send/receive fax, modem, voice files, DTMF/MF digits and Single/Dual Frequency Tones. The DCOSS APS can be executed in manual mode or automated Bulk Calling with scripting support.

2-Wire Voice/Data Capture

The GL Voice Recorder is used to manually capture the voice/data over a 2-wire Analog interface. Using the 2-wire Phone Tap adaptor, one can non-intrusively ‘tap’ into the analog 2-wire line via the RJ11 interface and capture the bi-directional voice/data. The recorded voice/data is automatically saved into a single PCM file.


T1/E1 Analyzer

The T1/E1 Analyzer is a powerful voice band, data, signaling, bit error rate tester, and protocol analyzer. It can perform analysis and emulation of various signal types including voice, digits, and tones; various protocols including HDLC, ISDN, SS7, CAS, Frame Relay, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, MLPPP, ATM, and UMTS. It is capable of T1 or E1 PCM signal visualization, capture, storage, analysis, and emulation.

PacketScan™ - SIP / H323 / Megaco / MGCP / RTP / RTCP / Video Analysis

PacketScan™ is a real-time VoIP analyzer that captures live IP traffic, and segregates them into SIP/H323 calls and collects statistics about the calls. Applications include testing of IP phones, Gateways, IP Routers and Switches, and Proxies. Hundreds of calls can be monitored in real-time including detailed analysis of selected voice band streams.

GL also offers PacketScan™ HD, a high density multi-protocol 1U rack mounted network monitoring appliance that can capture and process analysis of vast array of communication protocols covering IP and Wireless networks.

RTP ToolBox™

GL's RTP ToolBox™ testing and simulation tool is designed not only to monitor RTP and RTCP packets, but also to allow users to manually create and terminate RTP sessions, independent of call-signaling protocols such as SIP, H323, MEGACO, or MGCP.

Buyer's Guide:

Item No. VQuad™ Network Options
VQT010 VQuad™ Software (Stand Alone)
VQT011 Dual UTA - Software Development Kit (SDK)
VQT013 VQuad™ with SIP (VoIP) Call Control
VQT015 VQuad™ with T1 E1 Call Control
VQT280 VQuad Probe with Dual UTA HD
VQT270 VQuad™ Probe with Dual UTA
VQT005 Voice Quality Testing (POLQA) for VQuad™
Item No. VQuad™ Miscellaneous
VQT204 GPS for Dual UTA
VQT030 VQuad™ Command Center (Multi-Node Command and Control Center for VQuad™ Systems)
VQT601 Mobile Device Controller (MDC) Software
VQT650 Video Application Controller (VAC)
(includes VAC Server and VAC companion software)
VQT210 Indoor Tracking System
VQT241 Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA)
VQT251 Dual UTA HD Next generation Dual UTA with FXO Wideband support
VQT252 Dual UTA HD – Bluetooth Option
VQT290 vHandi™ - Handheld Analog Line Tester
Item No. VQT Analysis
VQT002 Voice Quality Testing (PESQ only)
VQT006 VQT w/ POLQA Server License
VBA032 Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer
EMU037 Echo Measurement Utility (EMU) Software
VQT040 Webviewer™
  Related Hardware
HDT001/HDE001 Legacy HD T1 or E1 (PCI) Cards with Basic Analyzer Software
UTE001 Portable USB based Dual T1 or E1 Laptop Analyzer with Basic Analyzer Software
FTE001 QuadXpress T1E1 Main Board (Quad Port– requires additional licenses)
ETE001 OctalXpress T1E1 Main Board plus Daughter Board (Octal Port– requires additional licenses)
PTE001 tProbe™ T1 E1 Base Unit 

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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