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T3/E3, OC3/OC12, & STM1/STM4 Testing



pdf Optical Carrier, SONET, SDH Test Platforms
OC3/12 and STM1/4 Analysis & Emulation Card   

The LightSpeed1000™ is a Quad OC-3 / STM-1, OC-12 /STM-4 analyzer for analysis and emulation of unchannelized and channelized ATM, POS, RAW, and Ethernet traffic. The analyzer is available in PCIe card and USB-based unit forms, sporting a 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, a GigE, and a USB 2.0 interface making this one of the most versatile and powerful test platform in GL’s repertoire.

PacketExpert™ 10G (Next-Generation 10G Ethernet/IP Tester)

GL’s PacketExpert™ 10G provides comprehensive testing of 10 Gbps wirespeed Ethernet/IP networks. It has two 10Gbps Optical ports, and two 10/100/1000 Mbps Electrical/Optical ports capable of BERT, Smart Loopback, RFC 2544, ExpertSAM, Record and Playback, and IPLinkSim™ functionalities.

PacketExpert™- Quad Port Ethernet / VLAN / MPLS / IP / UDP Tester

PacketExpert™ is a portable (USB based) Quad Port Ethernet / VLAN / MPLS / IP / UDP Tester with 4 Electrical Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) and 2 Optical Ports (1000 Mbps). The PacketExpert™ connects to a Notebook PC through a USB 2.0 interface. Each port provides independent Ethernet/VLAN/MPLS/IP/UDP testing at wire speed for applications such as BERT, RFC 2544, and Loopback. BERT is implemented for all layers (as depicted below). RFC 2544 is applicable for Layers 2, 2.5, and 3, and Loopback is applicable for Layers 2, 3, and 4.

STM-1 Mux and Traffic Capture / Analysis Hardware   

GL's new STM-1 Mux is a cost-effective, compact (only 1U high), SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) multiplexer that is designed for applications in metro and access networks for efficient transport of traditional TDM and emerging data traffic.

OC-3 / STM-1 Ultra Card

The Ultra OC-3 / STM-1 card (PCI) plugs into a PC expansion slot for analyzing, testing, simulating, and monitoring OC-3 and STS-1 signals.The Ultra OC-3 / STM-1 card may be used in conjunction with GL's Ultra T1 Card, Ultra E1 Card and Ultra T3 Card in the same PC to provide a complete OC-3 / STM-1, STS-1/STM-0, DS3, DS1, E1 and DS0 testing solution.

Laptop T3 E3 T1 E1 Ethernet Analyzer

GL’s T3/E3 analyzer unit used in conjunction with GL’s Laptop T1/E1 analyzer provides a complete T3/E3 (44.736/34.368 Mbps), T1/E1 (1.544 Mbps / 2.048Mbps), and DS0 (64Kbps) testing solution.

LinkTest™ Dual E1 - E1, Datacom, Jitter, Wander Testing

GL's LinkTest Dual E1™ is a handheld dual-port tester for E1 and data communications (V.11 / X.24, V.24/RS232, V.35, V.36/RS449, EIA-530, EIA-530A) interfaces. With the support of a large range of software options for E1 services and sub rate multiplexing system, this handheld unit provides a scalable test solution for E1 and data testing. It provides a large, clear screen with a full set of physical layer tests for E1 balanced and unbalanced circuits including BERT, VF, round trip delay and signal level.

Ultra T3 Analyzer

The Ultra T3 Analysis Cards (PCI) plug into PC expansion slots and provide digital T3 input/output for analyzing, testing, simulating, and monitoring T3 signals.

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