VoIP Analysis and Simulation

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VoIP Network Analysis & Simulation

Setup a complete VoIP lab with GL's simulators and analyzers

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VoIP Network Analysis & Simulation

VoIP Analysis and Simulation


  • Generate and analyze thousands of calls simultaneously
  • All traffic types including voice, digits, tones, fax,video, and more
  • Almost all industry standard codec supported - G.711, G.729, G.726, AMR, EVRC, GSM and more.
  • Visual analysis, real-time recording and listening, and statistics
  • Network validation with various real world impairments
  • All-IP or NGN Signaling and Traffic (RTP, RTCP, Fax, Video) Monitoring
  • Test QoS factors of Multi-play applications including Data Access, Video Streaming, Internet, VoIP, IMS, HDTV, and IPTV

Ethernet to IP traffic (Data, Video, Internet, IPTV) Generation and WAN Emulation

Media Gateway Controller to Media Gateway Emulation

Media Gateway Controller to Signaling Gateway Emulation

Media Gateway to PSTN Emulation

Signaling Gateway to PSTN Emulation

2-wire, analog Interface Emulation

Analog Telephone Adaptor to SIP Proxy / VoIP Network