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SIP Protocol Emulation


GL's SIP Protocol Solutions are applicable to a wide variety of scenarios: SIP Testing, SIP Bulk Call Generation, SIP Conformance Testing, Voice, Fax, and Video Testing. On the Network Management side, the solution covers IMS Network Testing, SIP Network Surveillance and Testing Hybrid Networks. GL's SIP Protocol Based MAPS™ ED137 Radio and Telephone emulators support VoIP implementation as per ED-137B of EUROCAE standard to simulate both Controller Working Group and Radio Media Gateways.

SIP Protocol Test Tool

MAPS™ SIP can act as one of the SIP endpoints (UAC, UAS, Proxy, Redirect, Registrar and Registrant servers)  and simulate any interface of the VoIP network. With this tool, you can simulate complex call scenarios, modify SIP headers, automate test process, generate all types of traffic – Fax T.38, Voice, Video, Digits, Tones, and user-defined.

SIP Bulk Call Generator

With MAPS™ RTP High Density (HD) network appliance (PKS109), MAPS™ SIP can achieve up to 20,000 endpoints per unit.) MAPS™ RTP High Density (HD) for IP/VoIP Platform supports SIP, SIP-I, MEGACO, MGCP, SIGTRAN, MAP, CAP, INAP, BICC, and similarly other protocols. This network appliance provides a modular and flexible solution to generate high volume voice calls using industry standard voice codes.

VoIP Analyzer & Network Surveillance

GL's PacketScan™ probes along  VoIP Network Monitoring software is used to monitor packet flows in real-time from anywhere within a VoIP network. All major VoIP protocols are supported including SIP, H.323, Megaco, and MGCP.

SIP Conformance Test Tool

MAPS™ SIP Conformance Suite includes inbuilt basic and conformance scripts (*.gls) that allows itself to act as User Agent Client and to perform Proxy, Redirect Server, Registrar, UAC, and UAS conformance testing.

Voice Quality Testing (PESQ, POLQA)

GL's MAPS™ or VQuad™ with Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software supports the next-generation voice quality testing standard for fixed, mobile and IP-based networks. Both MAPS™ SIP and VQuad™ allow to configure automatic call control (SIP protocol) with voice traffic.

The VQT measurements are performed on this voice traffic as per  ITU-T algorithms (POLQA, PESQ LQ/LQO/WB). The results are available in the standalone application as well as centralized web based application. Additional analytical results are displayed as part of the assessment such as MOS, E-Model, Signal Level, SNR, jitter, clipping, noise level, and delay (end to end as well as per speech utterance).

Voice Quality Testing (E-Model MOS)

With RTP Speech Quality Metrics (PKS108) , the received voice traffic is evaluated for quality analysis. The statistics are calculated based on the ITU G.107 E Model and reported to MAPS™ application. These include

  • Listening and Conversational Quality MOS scores - MOS-LQ, MOS-CQ
  • Listening and Conversational Quality R factors - R-LQ, R-CQ

PacketScan™ also performs detailed analysis of voice band streams gathering QOS statistics such as ITU G.107 E Model MOS, along with detail packet statistics, such as total packets, reordered, duplicate and missing packet counts, gap, jitter, and delay.

Video Quality Testing

GL's MAPS™ SIP provides a means for Bulk Video Call generation, simulating many Video Calls from a single MAPS™ SIP system.  As part of this solution,  GL's PacketScan™ can provide real-time Video Call Analysis of the video generated over the SIP call using a non-intrusive connection to the network.

As a part of E2E test solutions, GL's VQuad™ Video Quality Testing solution comprises of end-to-end Video Conference testing, providing both Video and Voice MOS between two VAC Agents (one end could be an Android device).

Fax over IP Testing

GL offers a variety of test tools to perform FAX over IP (FoIP) simulation and monitoring.

Fax simulator supports both RTP G.711 Pass Through Fax Simulation (PKS200) and T.38 Fax Simulation over UDPTL (PKS211). Almost all  MAPS™ IP based simulation products supports FAX simulation using any of these two methods.

Analyzing Fax over IP (FoIP): GL's FaxScan™ and PacketScan™ can process V.34 SIP/T.38 and SIP/RTP PCAP captures in T.38 mode as well as transparent mode. Win PCAP captures can be processed from T.38 packets alone or as part of a capture file with multiple SIP calls.

Air Traffic Control Network SIP ED137 Testing

MAPS™ ED137 Radio and Telephone emulators support VoIP implementation as per ED-137B of EUROCAE standard to simulate both Controller Working Group (CWP) and Radio Media Gateway (RMG) system.

IMS Test Suite

GL's MAPS™ IMS test suite is capable of simulating multiple UEs and IMS core elements such as PCSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, PCRF, MGCF. A complete IMS Network Lab environment along with LTE Test Suite can envisage for E2E testing of 4G LTE Network.

SIP I Protocol Testing

SIP-I signaling is used to bridge the SS7 endpoints, where the ISUP messages are encapsulated within SIP signaling messages. MAPS™ SIP I is designed for SIP-I Testing can simulate Signaling Gateway / Softswitch, which sends SIP requests with ISUP message and receive incoming SIP responses with proper ISUP message attached.

Hybrid Network Testing

MAPS™ (Message Automation and Protocol Simulation) platforms can be used to simulate various elements in a hybrid TDM VoIP network, and test interconnection of different networks, be it IP-IP, TDM-IP, or TDM-TDM.A typical depiction of a hybrid TDM/IP network, and its components simulated by MAPS™ is shown in the figure above.