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Launching an all-new Ethernet Test Tool - ‘PacketExpert™ 10GX’ with incredible features

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - August 9, 2018- GL Communications Inc. a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, announced today its-new Ethernet Tester - PacketExpert™ 10GX, which extends testing capabilities for 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps networks. PacketExpert™ 10GX hardware unit is a more compact than its predecessor and includes multiple user- configurable TTL trigger I/O ports and combined 10Gbps/1Gbps capability. The device can run all 4 ports at 1-Gbps Electrical/Optical, including the 10 Gbps downshift to 1 Gbps.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the GL Communications Inc said, “the high-speed Ethernet links are widely found in the local area networks, industrial devices and applications, metropolitan area networks, wide area networks, and lately in mission critical networks. Testing network performance of high-speed Ethernet links is challenging and requires specialized test tools. The performance of Ethernet-based networks cannot be evaluated based only on the bit-error-rate (BER) and loopback testing. To quickly pinpoint and report issues, or to fully validate network performance of Ethernet / IP network, the network operators need Ethernet Testers that can capture packets-of-interest, generate events-driven triggers and actions, multi-stream playback, generate impairments, perform RFC2544 / Y.1564 / RFC6349 tests, Stacked VLAN/MPLS tests, and many others.

He further added, “GL launched an all-new ethernet test tool PacketExpert™ 10GX which supports all the above functionalities and port capacity similar to that of previous PacketExpert™ 10G version. However, PacketExpert™ 10GX is more compact and adds 12-port user-configurable TTL trigger option as an important enhancement. Its narrow body allows up to 3 PacketExpert™ 10GX devices to be placed in a mTOP™ rack enclosure offering a higher density GigE port form factor solution.

Mr. Kulkarni further explained the importance of TTL trigger enhancements as, “This feature is useful in detecting and timing important events propagating over communication networks, specifically mission critical networks such as VoIP ED-137 ATM (Air Traffic Management networks The PacketExpert™10GX Hardware is used as a unique Packet Analyzer or Packetizer hardware capable of generating or accepting Packets and TTL triggers based on real-time packet capture, detection, and filter as necessary.

PacketExpert™ 10GX Platforms

Important Features of PacketExpert™ 10GX

  • Two ports at 10 Gbps (Optical); These are combined 10Gbps/1Gbps ports that support 10 Gbps downshift to 1 Gbps allowing for all four ports on the device to run at 1 Gbps (Electrical/Optical)
  • Wirespeed BERT and Smart Loopback on all 4x 1 Gbps ports
  • Full support for USB 3.0 – higher USB data transfer speeds
  • Narrow body allows up to 3 PacketExpert™ 10GX devices to be placed in a mTOP™ rack enclosure offering a higher density GigE ports form factor solution; GL’s mTOP™ is a 1U rack mount enclosure, w/ Single Board Computer (SBC) and Windows® 10 64-bit
  • Optional 4 to 12 -Port SMA Jack Trigger Board (TTL Input/Output) on the back panel of the unit; 12- TTL I/O ports enhancement supports user-configurable ‘Filter to TTL’ mapping
  • Multi-functions - Wire speed BERT, Smart Loopback, RFC 2544, ExpertSAM™ (Y.1564), Record and Playback, PacketBroker, IPNetSim™, IPLinkSim™, Multi-stream Traffic Generation and Analyzer, and ExpertTCP֭™ (RFC 6349) functionalities
  • Independent Ethernet/VLAN/MPLS/IP/UDP layer-wise testing at wirespeed
  • Playback the record files on all 4x 1 Gbps ports with onboard memory of 8 GB DDR3
  • PacketBroker - 2 SPAN (pass-through) ports and 2 DROP (Output) ports; SPAN ports can be 10Gbps/1Gbps, while DROP ports can be 1 Gbps only

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