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Enhancements to VoIP ATM Test Solutions

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - March 14, 2019- GL Communications Inc. a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, announced today its insight into their new test solutions for smooth transition of services from traditional Air Traffic Management (ATM) to IP based Voice Communications (VoIP).

Speaking to the press , Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the GL Communications Inc said, “A traditional Air Traffic Management (ATM) can be migrated to IP based voice communications (VoIP) for providing better and efficient services, and challenges to ensure reliability, and performance. GL offers customized solutions for testing Air Traffic Services Ground Voice Network (AGVN), which includes ability to simulate all the entities, from the radio interfaces to the Controller Working Position (CWP), and remotely monitor the network response with various test scenarios”.

He further added, “The migration to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) poses challenges, which requires a customized test solution, the ATM core network and all its underlying entities (CWP/VCS, GRS, Radio Gateways and Recorders) can be accurately tested for timing, performance, and functionalities. The GL test tools for next generation Air Traffic Management (ATM) offer signaling and traffic simulation per ED-137, monitoring quality of service per ED-138, critical network delay and voice quality measurements”.

“Our ED-137 and ED-138 Voice over IP Test Tools have been widely welcomed by Global Air Navigation Service Providers and VCS/Radio companies alike, who have found them to be essential tools during development phase, functionality testing, performance testing, Factory Acceptance Test phases, deployment phase and for 'in-the-field' testing”.

Above image is a typical Air Traffic Management network showing the role of emulators and analyzers. As you can see, we can simulate air-to-ground, ground-to-ground and recorder interfaces as per ED-137 standards. Complete network can be probed using PacketScan™ and analyzed either locally or remotely using NetSurveyorWeb™ applications.

GL's VoIP ATM Test Solution includes Emulators and analyzers deployed across the Air Traffic Management network, which are

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