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Voice Quality Analysis with POLQA
(Next Generation Voice Quality Testing Standard for Fixed, Mobile & IP Networks)

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Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis (POLQA), the successor of PESQ (ITU-T P.862) analysis, is the next generation voice quality testing standard for fixed, mobile and IP-based networks. Based on ITU standard ITU-T P.863, POLQA supports the latest HD-quality speech coding, and higher-bandwidth audio signals suitable for Fixed, Wireless (3G, 4G/LTE) and VoIP networks. 

The POLQA algorithm handles the higher bandwidth audio signals. POLQA supports measurements in the narrow band (NB, 300-3400 Hz), and significant new capabilities for wideband (WB, 100 - 7000 Hz), and super-wideband (SWB, 50-14000 Hz), commonly found in VoIP and next generation mobile networks.

GL's enhanced VQuad™ and stand-alone Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software, both support the next-generation voice quality testing standard for fixed, mobile and IP-based networks using POLQA (ITU-T P.863). As part of the POLQA analysis, results include POLQA MOS, E-Model, Signal Level, Noise Level, and Jitter. Automated voice quality testing using POLQA can be performed through scripting in VQuad™.

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The VQT also supports other international standard voice quality test methods including PESQ (ITU-T P.862), PESQ LQ / LQO (P.862.1), PESQ WB (P.862.2), PAMS (ITU-T P.800), and PSQM/PSQM+ (ITU-T P.861).

The VQT software can work either independently, in conjunction with VQuad™ - Dual UTA HD, or in conjunction with VQuad™ Probe HD. Using GL’s VQuad™ application along with the Dual UTA HD, or all-in-one VQuad™ Probe HD, voice, video, and data tests are supported for practically any end-point (customer experience) interfaces. The VQuad™ Probe HD (combines with VQuad™-Dual UTA HD - PC into one single box) provides multiple interfaces for connecting to any communication device on a network using an efficient, portable, single box solution.  The VQuad™ Probe HD can work with variety of networks, including Wireless (Bluetooth®, Wi-fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, PTT), VoIP, Analog, and TDM, practically allowing any end-point interfaces to be tested for voice, data, and video quality. Various associated applications (Voice QualityVideo QualityData testsEcho and Delay testsFax testsVBA) works with VQuad™ Probe HD to provide "end-to-end assessment" with additional test and measuring capabilities. All the applications work in conjunction with the VQuad™ for automatically and remotely analysing the captured data and sending the test results to the central database. You can query results or control the tests remotely using web-based WebViewer™.

Main Features

  • POLQA testing is available in VQuad™, VQT, and Webviewer™
  • Manual or Automated mode of operations using GL's VQuad™, or MAPS™
  • VQT software includes all the industry standard voice quality analysis methods - POLQA, PESQ, PAMS, and PSQM
  • FR (Full Reference algorithm) measurements with high accuracy for dedicated tests in live networks
  • POLQA analysis results include POLQA MOS, E-Model, Signal Level, Noise Level, and Jitter
  • Real-time mapping (most countries supported) of results with GPS option used in conjunction with VQuad™.
  • The results can be accessed remotely from a database,  queried and displayed in web browser using WebViewer™ either in tabular or graphic format

POLQA support within Voice Quality Testing (VQT) and VQuad™

GL's stand-alone Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software, supports the next-generation voice quality testing standard for fixed, mobile and IP-based networks using POLQA (ITU-T P.863). Besides, VQT software also utilizes widely accepted algorithms to perform the voice signal analysis, including PESQ (ITU-T P.862), PESQ LQ / LQO (P.862.1), PESQ WB (P.862.2), PAMS (ITU-T P.800), and PSQM/PSQM+ (ITU-T P.861).

The VQT can be used with any GL call capture and analysis application such as T1 E1 CCA, PacketScan™, VQuad™ and other products that can record or generate voice files over live network.

The GL VQT software automatically analyzes the degraded voice files while sending the results to a central database. The results associated with the POLQA analysis include POLQA MOS, E-Model, Signal Level, Noise Level, and Jitter.

For more details, please visit our web page

As an additional feature, POLQA is added directly to VQuad™ software with support for automated testing within the VQuad™ script. In this scenario, the degraded voice files remain at the VQuad™ node for analysis and display within the VQuad™ software. For more details, please visit our web page

VQT POLQA Measurements and Analysis

VQuad™ with POLQA Events Log

Automated VQT with POLQA through Scripts


GL's WebViewer™ provides the method to display and access, in real time, the entire VQuad™/VQT network including all individual VQuad™ Probes HD as well as the central location. Current status of the entire test is displayed along with customized user statistics and results of the active tests.

The results/events associated with the VQuad™ and the VQT analysis is sent to the central database and can be queried using the GL WebViewer™ (web browser). Outputs of the query can be displayed in tabular or graphical format while also output to Excel® or Text. Results can also be displayed in Google Maps (GPS connectivity is required).

For details, visit webpage.

WebViewer™ displaying VQT POLQA Measurements

POLQA results plotted on Google MAPS

Buyer's Guide:

Item No VQT and Analysis


Voice Quality Testing (POLQA) for VQuad™


VQT w/ POLQA Server License


Voice Quality Testing (PESQ only)


Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer


Echo Measurement Utility (EMU) Software



Item No. VQuad™ Network Options
VQT010 VQuad™ Software (Stand Alone)
VQT280 VQuad™ Probe HD (with Dual UTA HD)
VQT281 VQuad™ Probe HD w/o Dual UTA HD
VQT285 VQuad™ Probe HD Upgrade
Item No. VQuad™ Network Options
VQT013 VQuad™ with SIP (VoIP) Call Control
VQT015 VQuad™ with T1 E1 Call Control
VQT251 Dual UTA HD Next generation Dual UTA with FXO Wideband support
VQT252 Dual UTA HD – Bluetooth Option
Item No. VQuad™ Miscellaneous
VQT601 Mobile Device Controller (MDC) Software
VQT600 VQuad™ NetTest Data Server Solution
VQT610 Target Data Server
VQuad™ Fax Emulation (2 simultaneous ports)
VQuad™ Fax Emulation (8 simultaneous ports)
VBA038 FaxScan™ for PCM
PKV104 FaxScan™ for SIP and Fax over IP (T.38)
VQT030 Network Command Center (Multi-Node Command and Control Center for VQuad™ Systems)
VQT442 (cable) Mobile Audio Interface for Smartphones
VQT443 (cable) 3-wire headset interface Adaptor for Smartphones

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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