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LightSpeed1000™ - Packet Delay Emulation
(OC-3 / STM-1 and OC-12 / STM-4)


The Network Delay Emulator application provides full duplex delay simulation for PoS and ATM based traffic from 1 ms to 500 ms, with incremental delays of 1 ms. The application combines hardware and software based functions to achieve precision and flexibility. It can emulate packet delays that occur over SONET/SDH carrying ATM/PoS traffic.

With this application, the user can:

  • test the impact of delay and congestion under various real world conditions,
  • assess impact of delay on SLA (Service Level Agreements),
  • simulate satellite delay and long Fiber Loops
  • test WAN application performance under deteriorated but repeatable conditions
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Working Principle

As shown in the above image, the payload received on Port 1 is delayed by the application with the applied delay in milliseconds and transmitted back on to Port 2. Similarly, the data received on Port 2 will be transmitted back on to Port 1 with applied delay. The applied delay duration is same for both the ports.

SONET/SDH overhead, scrambling, HDLC processing are removed on receive side and regenerated on the transmission side. PPP frames are terminated from the payload, time stamped, stored, and forwarded based on user delay settings.  ATM cells are similarly store and forwarded. Flags and idle cells are inserted as appropriate in the output stream.  The Network Delay Emulator application is transparent to all higher layer protocols above ATM and PoS.


 A simple GUI allows user modification of delay and port settings.

  • Ports
    Allows to apply the delay simultaneously  for the incoming packets on both ports.
  • Delay 1–500ms
    User can introduce the delay from 1 ms to 500ms. Minimum delay is 1ms and minimum programmable incremental delay is 1ms.

Buyer's Guide

Item No Item Description
LTS100 Lightspeed1000™ - Dual OC3/12 STM1/4 PCIe Card
LTS105 Lightspeed1000™ - Portable Dual OC3/12 STM1/4 USB Unit
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