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Simulate 10Gbps WAN link to Test Application Performance


Do you need to simulate a 10 Gbps WAN link to test application performance?

................monitor a 10 Gbps link for high-availability, and high-performance?

................load test a 10 Gbps link with different traffic patterns?

................validate Ethernet services on a 10 Gbps link?

We have the tools to accommodate your testing needs. GL Communications’ high density network appliances: PacketExpert™ 10G, IPNetSim™10G, PacketScan™ HD , and MAPS™ High Density (HD) help user perform range of functions. The products and features are briefly discussed below.

High Density Multi Port GigE Ethernet/IP Tester

HD Appliances

PacketExpert™ 10G offers higher densities of 12/24 GigE ports form factor solution for testing GigE switches, routers and network conditions.

PacketExpert™ 10G provides the important functionalities such as Wire speed BERT, Packet Capture and Playback, Y.1654, RFC 2544Smart Loopback, and WAN IP link Emulation.

Some Key Features


  • Bit error-rate test (BERT) is for long-term service  integrity testing
  • Test Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Q-in-Q (Stacked VLAN) enabled Networks
  • End to end testing of network paths, and network devices like Ethernet Switches/Router for QoS parameters
  • In-depth troubleshooting of the Carrier network in the event of network failures or impairments
  • SLA Benchmark Testing with RFC2544 Tests
  • Smart Loopback mode for single-ended testing scenarios

For comprehensive information, please refer to the page: Next-Generation 10 Gbps Ethernet/IP Tester.

Advanced High Density (HD) Bulk - Call Traffic Generator (IP & Wireless)


MAPS™ HD is an advanced multi-protocol rack mounted Bulk Call Traffic Generator capable of high call intensity (hundreds of calls/sec) and high volume of sustained call simulation (tens of thousands of simultaneous calls/platform).

Almost all VoIP and Wireless protocols over IP transport layer, can be captured and decoded for troubleshooting network problems.

Some Key Features

  • Easily achieve up to 20,000 endpoints per appliance (5000 per port)
  • Scales to around 50,000 to 100,000 endpoints with multiple appliances
  • Transport over UDP and TCP, IPv4 and IPv6, and TLS for secure transport
  • Manage 10+ MAPS™ systems with single point of control from Master Controller
  • Simulate various traffic conditions to measure the performance and capability of an IP network element
  • Simulate all network elements with a complete protocol state machine


  • Pre- and post-deployment testing of enterprise, ISP, and Carrier Networks
  • Quality of Experience (QoE) evaluation as a function of signaling or traffic load or protocol variation
  • Contact Center and Unified Communications
  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), routing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), CRM, chat, presence, conferencing, speech, and agent desktop applications.

For comprehensive information, please refer to the page: High Density Call Generator for IP & Wireless Networks.

PacketScan™ High Density(HD) - Network Monitoring Appliance

HD Appliances

PacketScan™ HD is a high density multi-protocol rack mounted Network Monitoring Appliance w/ 4x1GigE and w/2x10GigE  (Includes PKV100 online for temporary audio codec support) network interface cards that can capture and process high volumes of communication protocols over IP and Wireless networks.

Almost all VoIP and Wireless protocols over IP transport layer, as listed below, can be captured and decoded for troubleshooting network problems.

Some Key Features

  • Ability to capture and analyze high volume calls with traffic. Process up to 5000 simultaneous calls with bidirectional RTP traffic from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps rate
  • A wide range of protocol support
  • Supports widerange of codecs (narrowband and wideband)
  • Capture real-time calls over packet network for infinite time
  • In-depth real-time and post-process data investigation using Packet Data Analysis feature
  • Flexibility to add any protocol field to the summary view, filtering, and search features.
  • Complex filtering and search capabilities to record all or filtered traffic into a trace file.
  • Generate Call Detail Records and report to central database for centralized web-based monitoring
For comprehensive information, please refer to the page: PacketScan™ HD.