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ISDN Analysis and Simulation

ISDN over T1 E1

ISDN over TDM analysis and simulation

The ISDN service for carrying analog and digital voice /data is provided in two flavors:

  • Primary rate B-channel interface (PRI) structure - 30 thirty B-channels and one 64 kbit/s D-channel, (30B+D) -– this service is suitable for the large enterprises with a speed of 1984 kbps
  • Basic rate interface (BRI) structure - two B-channels and one 16 kbit/s D-channel (2B+D) – this service is suitable for the home and small enterprise with a speed of 144 kbps

ISDN PRI Emulation over T1 E1

  • ISDN PRI Emulator (GUI based) can emulate a complete ISDN connection (switch to subscriber) all in the same PC and test ISDN products designed for either U or S/T interface, including network terminations, Type 1 terminating equipment, and terminal adapters. Visit
  • ISDN PRI Emulator (Script based) - Visit wcsisdnemulator.html
  • Scripted ISDN Emulator (based on MAPS™ Architecture) that can do almost anything with versatile framework, and powerful scripting, including conformance testing, and support for high volume of T1s and E1s. Visit
  • ISDN Emulation for Voice Quality Testing and Analysis uses USB Lite platform with GL’s VQuad™ for T1 E1 line interfacing and provides QoS measurements. Visit

ISDN PRI Analysis over T1 E1

GL’s supports capture, decode, and simulation of ISDN PRI interface with the following list of products.

ISDN over IP

ISDN over IP analysis and simulation

ISDN signaling over IP can be captured, analyzed, and simulated using GL’s ISDN products. Following is a brief list of products supporting testing of ISDN over IP

ISDN PRI Emulation over IP

  • Simulation of SIGTRAN ISDN over IP (MAPS™ SIGTRAN ISDN) can simulate a complete ISDN connection between SG (Signaling Gateway) to MGC (Media Gateway Controller), where ISDN signaling are as defined by the ITU-T Q.921 / Q.931 standards.  Visit
  • Simulation of SIP-ISUP over IP (MAPS™ SIP-I) can simulate Signaling Gateway / Softswitch as a User Agents Client (UAC), which sends SIP requests with ISUP message and User Agent Server (UAS), which receives the requests as Signaling Gateway / Soft switch and returns a SIP response with proper ISUP message attached. Visit

ISDN PRI Analysis over IP

  • SIGTRAN ISDN over IP Protocol Analyzer - SIGTRAN protocol decoder software for ISDN and SS7 signaling messages over IP. Visit Sigtran Network Protocol Analyzer webapge.
  • Offline SIGTRAN ISDN over IP Protocol Decoder software for ISDN and SS7 signaling messages over IP. (remote protocol analyzers page)
  • Online and Offline Packet Analysis - includes SIP-I and SIP-T decodes, these carry ISUP (ISDN) signaling. Visit

Network Surveillance and Monitoring Products for PRI ISDN Networks