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Voice Quality Testing on VoIP ATAs

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With the growing requirements for voice quality testing within VoIP networks is a major concern in testing the VoIP network, VoIP phones, VoIP Softphones and the analog Telephone Adaptors (ATA) that will be used within the VoIP networks. The VoIP phones and ATA's must be free of noise and other hindrances that may cause a degraded voice quality when using this equipment.

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Assuring uninterrupted high quality voice within a network is critical irrespective of what type of network is carrying the voice. Testing these networks can become cumbersome, time consuming and quite costly. GL's VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD provide the solution for testing WB Analog 2-wire interfaces which connects to any PSTN, ATA, next generation Media Gateway. Dual UTA HD analog interface supports both Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) HD and SD Audio. The  Dual UTA HD includes dual Analog FXO interfaces (RJ11) which provides Off/On- Hook, DTMF Dialing, Flash Hook, Tone Detection (Dialtone, Ringback, Busy, Fast Busy, SIT) and CallerID. The Dual UTA HD Analog interface supports two-stage dialing, IVR testing, Voice Quality Testing, Delay Measurements, and Echo Measurements. The product can be configured to automatically send/record a multitude of voice files and to perform VQT algorithms immediately after the voice file recording is complete.

The GL VQuad™ w/ Dual UTA HD FXO Analog ports may be connected to the analog side of any ATA. The VoIP side of the ATA can be directly connected to the VQuad with VoIP option. Thus, the VQuad can support one or both sides of the ATA for call generation and traffic/voice analysis. Using the VQuad™ user-friendly GUI, the user can place calls to any desirable number as well as answer incoming calls in a manual or automated fashion. The VQuad™ can be configured manually to generate calls and send/record voice files or configured to automatically place calls and send/record a multitude of voice files to be used in the VQT algorithms. While in automode, the GL VQT may be configured to automatically perform the VQT algorithms immediately after the recorded voice file is complete. Each analog port associated with the VQuad may act independently (two different tests simultaneously). Each VoIP port associated with the VQuad may act independently (up to 12 different tests simultaneously). Each analog/VoIP port may be configured for Time Triggering, Digit Triggering, or Frequency Tone Triggering (thus easily synchronizing the analog/VoIP ports with the other GL VQuad™ interfaces such as Wireless.

Additional Information

VQuad w/ WB 2-wire FXO Analog and WB VoIP Testing Features:

  • Dual FXO Analog Ports per Dual UTA HD using industry standard RJ-11 connections.
  • Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) support (for HD and SD Audio)
  • Connect to any PSTN, ATA, and next generation Gateways
  • Global support – can connect to any 2-wire interface anywhere
  • Manual or Automatic operation of traffic generation and call control.
  • Full FXO Functionality via flexible Scripts
  • GL VQT Automatic Mode allows automatic execution of the VQT algorithms (POLQA/PESQ LQ/LQO/WB).
  • Additional measurements include Clipping, Jitter, Latency, Noise and Signal Levels.
  • Round Trip Delay and One Way Delay Measurements as well as Echo Measurements
  • Results available in real-time or post-processing
  • VQuad™ can be configured to support up to 12 VoIP SIP User Agents
  • Testing Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)
  • Supports outband DTMF/MF digits for RFC4733 and RFC2833.
  • Impair outgoing traffic using a noise file or user-defined white noise
  • Supports almost all standard Voice Codecs (PCMU, PCMA, G726_40, G726_32, G726_24, G726_16, GSM, G729, and Wideband HD audio codecs).

Screen Shot of VQuad™ Main Window

Screen Shot of VQuad™ Manual Call Generation

Screen Shot of VQT Waveform/Spectral Viewer

Screen Shot of VQT PESQ Measurement Window

Screen Shot of VQT Measurement Results

Screen Shot of VQT Cumulative Statistics

Buyer's Guide:

Item No. Item Description
VQT010 VQuad™ Software (Stand Alone)
VQT013 VQuad™ with SIP (VoIP) Call Control
VQT015 VQuad™ with T1 E1 Call Control
VQT251 Dual UTA HD Next generation Dual UTA with FXO Wideband support
VQT252 Dual UTA HD – Bluetooth Option
VQT461 Dual UTA HD Smartphone ACC Cable
VQT002 Voice Quality Testing (PESQ only)
VQT006 VQT w/ POLQA Server License
VBA032 Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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