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Press Release: GL Introduces New System to Test Wireless Voice Quality

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - March 19, 2003 - Improving voice quality has never been more critical for the wireless industry. According to a nationwide survey conducted just last month, 61 percent of subscribers would consider switching carriers for better voice quality. A few weeks ago, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer introduced legislation to authorize the Federal Communications Commission to monitor cell phone service quality. More than ever before, guaranteeing high quality transmissions is a major financial consideration for the wireless phone industry.

Recognizing this need and also recognizing the tremendous pressure on wireless carriers and manufacturers to control operating costs, GL Communications today announced a new Automated Wireless Voice Quality Testing product. Voice quality testing equipment that now fills most of a van can be replaced with two specially equipped laptop personal computers from GL. The new GL system performs all of the standard voice quality measurements and provides easy to understand reports on performance.

"Both carriers and equipment manufacturers have been searching for a way to quantify voice quality problems in a consolidated, unified and 'end-to-end manner,'" said Vijay Kulkarni, GL's president. "GL's new Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software provides this assessment in an efficient, portable, and hassle-free product." As with other products in the GL line of hardware and software, the VQT system employs intuitive interfaces and ease of use, but with powerful, advanced capabilities. Windows-NT/2000/XP software platforms afford easy and friendly operation.

Using the GL system, one laptop sends a reference voice file through the network. That message is then received and analyzed in real time by the second laptop with the ITU algorithms used to perform voice comparisons (PAMS, PSQM, and PESQ). As the GL system performs the analysis, the results are presented in easy to understand graphical and tabular formats. Beyond the standard international tests, GL also provides additional measurements including Mean Active Speech Level, Noise Level, Latency and Clipping. The GL system is compatible with automated GPS location time stamping.

The new Automated Wireless VQT product is part of a suite of top-quality voice testing hardware and software developed by GL. "We listen to our customers, " said Shelley Sharma, GL's director of sales. "They are very committed to improving service for their customers and we are right behind them with the products to make that happen. In the coming months, you will see even more tools from GL to guarantee the finest quality of service for wireless, wireline and VoIP customers."

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