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Press Releases: GL Introduces VoIP Call Generation and Analysis with Packet Series Product Line

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - February 8, 2004 - GL Communications Inc, today announced the release of their Packet Series products, PacketGen™ and PacketScan™. These products provide SIP call generation, both individual calls as well as bulk calling, and SIP/RTP/RTCP analysis. The PacketGen™ and PacketScan™ products are ideally suited for simulation and analysis of VoIP Networks, Gateways, Routers, Proxies and Switches.

The Packet Series products are software based and can reside on any Windows PC, including desktops and laptops, making it one of the most versatile VoIP testing products available in the market. They build-on and extend GL's analysis and simulation strengths from the TDM world to the VoIP world.

GL Communications is a company that has traditionally provided the highest quality testing and simulation equipment for telecom engineers. "Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are expanding at a dramatic pace," said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications. "It's predicted that 75 percent of all voice traffic will be carried over VoIP networks by 2007. We understand this trend and our products are meeting the testing needs - both simulation and analysis - of VoIP networks. These tools are intuitive and easy to use - a hallmark of GL products."

PacketGen™ provides call simulation over VoIP systems. It can generate thousands of calls, providing vigorous stress tests for VoIP networks. Both manual and bulk calls can be generated, using the SIP protocol, and all SIP functionality is provided, including the ability to authenticate, transfer calls, and modify message parameters. PacketGen™ relies on its distributed architecture to gracefully increase call density by adding additional SIP/RTP cores, while maintaining control through a single remote User Interface, thus controlling all systems simultaneously. Real-time voice, fax, tones, digits and noise can be generated using an optional RTP resource board. PacketGen™ also provides statistics, call records and quality of service (QOS) measurements. The QOS is provided using GL 's VQT product to simultaneously generate PAMS, PSQM, and PESQ MOS scores.

PacketScan™ provides real-time audio monitoring, analysis and statistics on both SIP and RTP/RTCP messages. All SIP protocol messages are collected and displayed in PacketScan™, along with the full decode of the messages. Detailed call statistics, call trace, RTP performance statistics, and voiceband statistics can be viewed simultaneously. The call statistics include packet loss, gap, jitter, delay, along with called/calling party and length of call. Listen to the RTP audio traffic either in real-time (as the call is occurring), or in post processing (after the call is complete). Perform power, frequency, spectral, tone and digit analysis with ease and precision. Sophisticated filtering of the real-time data and statistics is provided via user-friendly screens.

As with other products in the GL line of hardware and software, the new PacketGen™ and PacketScan™ employ intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. The Quick Configuration feature of PacketGen™ and user-friendly filtering and audio playback configuration of the PacketScan™ allows the GL Packet Series products to be up and running in a matter of minutes. These products work with PCs equipped with Win 2000 or Win XP, and both PacketGen™ and PacketScan™ can reside in the same PC or separate PC's.

About GL Communications Inc.

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