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Newsletter: GL Releases 2-Wire Voice/Data Capture Software

Welcome to a May issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our latest product 2-Wire Voice/Data Capture software.


The GL's Voice/Data Recorder is used to manually capture voice or data over a 2-wire Analog interface. Using the Dual UTA, USB T1 E1 Analyzer, or a sound device, one can non-intrusively 'tap' into the analog 2-wire line and capture the bi-directional voice or data signal to a single PCM file. The Dual UTA or USB T1 E1 Analyzer provide very accurate capture of the signal suitable for Fax and Modem demodulation, whereas an external sound device is adequate for voice signals. Important applications include:

  • Modem and Fax Data Analysis

    GLInsight™analyzes fax and modem calls recorded on 2-wire or 4-wire circuits, including PSTN or IP networks. A typical output is shown below.

  • VQuad™ for PDD (Post Dial Delay) & PRD (Post Ringback Delay) Measurements

    Recorded voice files can be analyzed for Post Dial Delay (PDD). PDD analysis is done by detecting the trailing edge of the last DTMF digit sent to the leading edge of the Ringback tone received from the far end. Similarly, Post Ringback Delay (PRD) measurement is done by detecting the end of the Ringback signal to the beginning of a voice signal (i.e. the beginning of the call).

  • Voice Band Analyzer

    The Near Real-time Voice-Band Analyzer (VBA) is an analysis tool for voice band traffic over VoIP, TDM and wireless networks. It can host an arbitrary number of analysis algorithms. Built-in algorithms include ITU-T P.56 Active Voice Level analysis, and Line Echo (Hybrid) analysis. Other analysis modules such as ITU-T P.561, P.562, and P.563 can be hosted as plug-ins.

For comprehensive information on the product, please refer to 2-Wire Voice/Data Capture web page.

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