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Voice Enhancement and Voice Quality Testing

Voice Enhancement and Voice Quality Testing


Voice Enhancement and Voice Quality Test software is designed to test the functionality of the voice enhancement devices per G.160, including the voice improvement tests per P800/P861/P862, noise reduction tests, automatic level control tests, and noise compensation tests. VQT (voice quality test) parameters, PESQ and POLQA are graphically presented to display test results.

There are four (4) tests needed to fully evaluate the characteristics of voice enhancement devices. These tests are:

  • NR (noise reduction) tests for the receive path,
  • NC (noise compensation) tests for the send path,
  • ALC (automatic level control) tests for the receive path, and
  • ALC for the send path.

The NR tests are designed in way that two VQT (voice quality tests) are performed. VQT1 is the voice quality test between the reference file, and the degraded file. Degraded files are obtained by added noise to the reference file. VQT2 is performed between the Rout (the voice enhancement devices improved signal) and the reference file. The NR performance is evaluated by comparing the VQT 1 score with the VQT 2 score.

The NC tests are evaluated by the Sout signal power versus the noise power signals.

The ALC tests are evaluated by the Sout (or Rout) signal power versus Sin (or Rin) power levels.

Sample Screenshots

Voice Quality Analysis Configurations

Buyer's Guide

Please Note1: The XX in the Item No. refers to the hardware platform, listed at the bottom of the Buyer's Guide, which the software will be running on. Therefore, XX can either be ETA or EEA (Octal/Quad Boards), PTA or PEA (tProbe Units), UTA or UEA (USB Units), HUT or HUE (Universal Cards), and HDT or HDE (HD cards) depending upon the hardware.

Item No. Item Description
XX067 Automated Echo Canceller Testing w/o VQT
XX019 Tx/Rx File Utility (with File Based Approach)
XX610 Transmit and Receive File Capability (included)
XX630 DSP Functionality (included)
  Related Software
XX020 Record and Playback of Files
XX051 Synchronous Trunk Record Playback
XX051 Synchronous Trunk Record Playback
XX022 DTMF/MF/MFC-R2 Detector and Generator Software
XX031 Enhanced T1 / E1 Call Capture/Analysis Software
XX062 Echo Path Delay/Loss Simulation Software
XX063 Echo Path Delay/Loss Measurement Software
XX065 G.168 Test Suite for T1 & E1 Echo Cancellers
(Manual Testing Software and Procedures)
XX066 Digital Echo Canceller
XX068 Semi-Automated and Scripted Echo Canceller Testing Suite
PKB081 Automated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) Compliance Test Software
  Related Hardware
HDT001/HDE001 Legacy HD T1 or E1 (PCI) Cards with Basic Analyzer Software
HTE001 Universal T1/E1 Card with Basic Analyzer Software
UTE001 Portable USB based Dual T1 or E1 Laptop Analyzer with Basic Analyzer Software
  Recommended Accessories
SA013 T1 / E1 On Site Training Class (not including travel or hotel)
SA021 File Edit Software
SA026 Adobe Audition Multitrack Sound File Viewing and Editing Software
SA048 Goldwave Software
SA017A RJ48C to RJ48C Straight Cable, 10ft. cable
SA017A RJ48C to RJ48C Crossover Cable, 10ft. cable
SA008a Handset Adapter with Handset
SA022 Extended 1 Yr. Software Upgrades and Hardware Warranty, and Comprehensive Support for Basic and Optional Software

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