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Newsletter: GL's Call Management Utility (CMU) for T1/E1 Captured Voice Calls

Welcome to the March Issue of GL Communication's Newsletter providing information and insight into the latest product introductions and reviews, and updates.

Managing recorded voice calls is essential especially when recording for extended periods of time. The job of manipulating recorded voice calls is easier when calls can be sorted or filtered by called or calling number, time of day, or length of call.

GL's Call Management Utility (CMU), coupled with the GL's T1/E1 Call Capture and Analysis (CCA) application, provides all the necessary management tools to perform exactly this function. Call records are immediately generated, indexed, and displayed once a voice recording over T1 or E1 lines is completed by the CCA. Recorded calls can be further filtered or played back or analyzed as required. All relevant information associated with each recorded call is included e.g. timestamp, timeslot, length of call, and size of file (to name a few). The user has the option to display all "in-process" calls (shows real-time capturing information) or a user-defined filtered list of all completed calls.

Audio playback of completed and captured calls is easily accomplished with the CMU. A captured call can instantly be played to the PC speakers, either the East direction, or the West direction, or both directions simultaneously. The user may also display the captured call to a waveform viewer for further analysis.

Using the CMU post-processing feature, one can display call records associated with a directory of recently captured voice files. Individual Call Records are displayed for each file and the user has the same fundamental capability to play each voice file.

Call Management Utility Main Features

  • Automatic operation allows CMU to point to a user-defined directory for capturing.
  • Full and complete Call Records for each captured pair of voice files.
  • Filtering of Call Records.
  • Post Processing capability for viewing directory of captured files.
  • Voice playback includes playback of East, West or both directions simultaneously.
  • Statistics of all Call Records.

Please review the above and give us a call if you are interested in GL's Call Management Utility (CMU) or other applications. We would be happy to consult with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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