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Newsletter: V5.x Protocol Analyzer
Available from GL

V5.X (V5.1 and V5.2) is a signaling and telecommunication protocol on E1 circuits between an AN(Access Network) and a Local Exchange (LE). V5.1 operates on single E1 circuits, while V5.2 operates on a group of E1 circuits (up to 16 E1 lines). The protocols support services like PSTN, ISDN basic access and leased line services. GL announces the availability of a V5.X protocol analyzer for its product line with the same feature rich capabilities available with its ISDN, GR-303, SS7, HDLC, and other protocol analysis tools.

The V5.X Analyser is used to analyse the protocol exchange with the help of a user interactive GUI between the AN and the LE. An application note has been provided describing the standard details for V5.1 and V5.2. The application note also provides information regarding real time anlaysis and offline analysis, call capturing and filtering capabilities of the analyzer. The V5.X analyzer has an interactive GUI, which displays both summary as well detailed views of decoded signals. It also describes exporting capabilities.

Please review this application note and give us a call if you are interested in GL's products/software for this or other applications. We would be happy to consult with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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