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Press releases: GL Announces Enhanced Wireless Analysis and Emulation Software

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - March 31, 2008 - GL Communications Inc., announced today the release of enhanced TRAU Analysis and Emulation software that is used for emulation and analysis of traffic at A-bis (BTS to BSC Links) and A-ter interfaces (BSC to MSC Links) in the wireless network infrastructure. In a statement to the press, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, senior manager of product development at GL Communications Inc. said, "TRAU (Transcoder/Rate Adapter Unit) frames are exchanged between the BTS and BSC and perform the function of compression/decompression of speech channels within the radio cellular network. TRAU frames carry speech, data, and O&M information at full rate or half (8/16 kbps) rate and control information, over T1/E1 in a GSM network". He added, "GL's T1/E1 Analyzers (Card or USB Based) can be equipped with software for: Real-Time TRAU Protocol Analyzer, Offline TRAU Protocol Analyzer, TRAU Toolbox™,TRAU Traffic Playback, Scripted (Automated) TRAU Engine, Scripted (Automated) TRAU Tx/Rx Test".

Mr. Ramalingam , further added, "Especially the addition of new applications that of Scripted (Automated) Trau Engine and Scripted Automated Trau Tx/Rx Test with their automated capabilities significantly enhanced the value and utility of the product to the user community".

Brief description of the applications that can be equipped with the software is provided below.

  • Real-Time TRAU Protocol Analyzer:

    Real-Time Trau Protocol Analyzer decodes the frame captured in real time and provides summary of decoded information, detailed decoded content and also hex dump of the frame. Voice can also be decoded, viewed, and heard in real-time.

  • Offline TRAU Protocol Analyzer

    Using Offline TRAU Protocol Analyzer, offline analysis of the frames captured in real time can be performed, that provides information such as summary of decoded frames, detailed decoded content, and also hex dump of the frame. No hardware is required for the offline analyzer.

  • TRAU Toolbox™ (Emulation)

    The TRAU Toolbox™ is an ideal tool to test network elements at A-bis and A-ter interfaces. It can be used to create, monitor, and terminate multiple TRAU sessions.

  • TRAU Traffic Playback

    The TRAU Traffic Playback application is used to generate TRAU Traffic on T1/E1. It provides the ability to playback the recorded Trau file(s) on selected subchannel(s) of T1/ E1 lines.

  • Scripted (Automated) Trau Engine**New**

    Automated TRAU engine is Trau Traffic Capture/Playback support in Client/Server mode and is used to transmit captured trace files in an automated fashion.

  • Scripted TRAU Tx/Rx Test**New**

    The scripted TRAU Tx/Rx Test module is an optional application that allows testing of TRAU frames.

  • TRAU Packet Data Analysis (PDA)

    The TRAU Packet Data Analysis application is a part of the Real-Time TRAU Protocol Analyzer and when invoked it displays call information in tabular and graphical formats (PDA - Summary View) as well as detailed frame-by-frame information (PDA - Detail View).

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