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Newsletter: GL Announces Enhanced Wireless Analysis and Emulation Software

Welcome to another March issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our products. In this edition,we focus on enhancements made to the software product TRAU Analysis and Emulation - A tool that is used for emulation and analysis of traffic at the A-bis interface (BTS to BSC links), and A-ter interface (BSC to MSC links) in the wireless network infrastructure.


TRAU (Transcoder/Rate Adapter Unit) frames between the A-bis interface (BTS to BSC links), and A-ter interface (BSC to MSC links) perform the function of compression/decompression of speech channels within the radio cellular network. TRAU frames carry speech, data, and O&M information at full rate or half (8/16 kbps) rate and control information, over T1/E1 in a GSM network.

GL's T1/E1 Analyzers (CARD or USB Based) can be equipped with software for:

  • Real-time TRAU Protocol Analyzer
  • Offline TRAU Protocol Analyzer
  • TRAU Toolbox™
  • TRAU Traffic Playback
  • Scripted (Automated) TRAU Engine - **New**
  • Scripted (Automated) TRAU Tx/Rx Test - **New**
These applications are further discussed below:
Real-time TRAU Protocol Analyzer

Real-time TRAU Protocol Analyzer decodes the frame captured in real time and provides summary of decoded information, detailed decoded content and also hex dump of the frame. Voice can also be decoded, viewed, and heard in real-time.

You can learn more about the application here

Offline TRAU Protocol Analyzer

Using Offline TRAU Protocol Analyzer, offline analysis of the frames captured in real time can be performed, that provides information such as summary of decoded frames, detailed decoded content, and also hex dump of the frame. No hardware is required for the offline analyzer.

You can learn more about the application here

TRAU Toolbox™(Emulation)

The TRAU Toolbox™ is an ideal tool to test network elements at A-bis and A-ter interfaces. It can be used to create, monitor, and terminate multiple TRAU sessions. Once the TRAU session is created, different kinds of audio/voice/digits can be generated and analyzed on GSM call with various codecs. It can also emulate TRAU node at BSC/MSC end or CCU node at BTS end including the compression/decompression of speech that takes place at TRAU side or Mobile side.

You can learn more about the application here

TRAU Traffic Playback

The TRAU Traffic Playback application is used to generate TRAU Traffic on T1/E1. It provides the ability to playback the recorded Trau file(s) on selected subchannel(s) of T1/ E1 lines. It allows you to transmit a single recorded trace file or multiple files on the desired subchannels at any given time. Trau frames are time-aligned as per the control information in the frame.

You can learn more about the application here

Scripted (Automated) Trau Engine **New**

Automated TRAU engine is Trau Traffic Capture/Playback support in Client/Server mode and is used to transmit captured trace files in an automated fashion.

You can learn more about the applications here

Scripted TRAU Tx/Rx Test **New**

The scripted TRAU Tx/Rx Test module is an optional application that allows testing of TRAU frames. These frames are generated based on the codec type, impairments and time alignment (if specified) and transmitted through the 16 or 8 kbps channels. On the receiving side the fragments will be decoded to retrieve the control flags and other framing information like codec type, data transmission rate etc. These frames are compared with the predefined patterns and the results are logged into a log file.

You can learn more about the applications here

TRAU Packet Data Analysis (PDA)

The TRAU Packet Data Analysis application is a part of the Real-Time TRAU Protocol Analyzer and when invoked it displays call information in tabular and graphical formats (PDA - Summary View) as well as detailed frame-by-frame information (PDA - Detail View). Analysis of TRAU calls, including detail statistics, wave graph, oscilloscope, spectral display for various codecs can be done using TRAU Packet Data Analysis (PDA) feature.

You can learn more about the applications here

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