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T1 E1 Release Notes

What's New In Current Version 19.4.12

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Features and enhancements in Version 19.4.12 - Released in May 2019

Applications Description of Enhancements / Bug Fixes


New Product

  • Following TDM protocols such as CAS, GSM-A, ISDN, ISUP (MAP, CAMEL, INAP) are enhanced with new PDA and call capture features to record Voice or any Traffic calls.
  • Works in conjunction with  Packet Scan™ PDA  to calculate  Router Gateway Delay.
  • Pictorial representation of the statistics including ladder diagrams for the calls of
    various protocols.
  • Supports TDM Traffic capturing in PCM file format.
  • Ability to decode multiple protocol messages.
  • Triggers and Actions can be set to filter captures based on protocol parameters such as
    Called & Calling Number, CRV, etc., followed by a set of actions for the completed calls.
  • Supports saving the selected calls from traffic analyzer into *.HDL, *.PCAP, or *.PCAPNG formats.
  • Ability to export CSV files and analyze call detail records of completed calls.
  • Enhanced to load the call data records to the GL’s central database such as NetSuveyorWeb™ or NetSurveyorWeb™ Lite application to analyze the captured CDR and Voice files.

T1 E1 Analyzer


  • A single wrapper installer is provided to install T1 E1 Analyzer 64-bit and 32-bit installations.
  • T1 E1 Analyzers is supported on Windows® 8.1 and above 64-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems.
    : Not supported on Windows® 7 OS.
  • T1 E1 Record Playback: Enhanced with user selectable T1 E1 port numbers when more than 16 ports are available.
  • Provided Last Reset option on the alarms window to know the last reset date and time of the alarms.
  • Enhanced with 16-bit 8 KHz VF port capability to get the received signal up to the level of the transmitted signal.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected error messages in HDLC impairment utility
  • MC BERT run duration display problem is corrected
  • MC Bert resizing issue is fixed

Dual VF Tx/Rx

Bug Fixes

  • Updated “Sac.Exe” and “T1E1Tray.Exe”
  • The license warning that is displayed for Active Bar has been eliminated



  • Display status records time stamps, elapsed times in seconds and milliseconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue to display proper fractional seconds in CSR files.

Windows Client
Server (WCS)


  • Traffic Function ServerSplit File Recording: This feature creates multiple files per minute based on individual file duration.
  • HDLCTxRxServer: Enhanced to handle the CRC length as configured by the user.


  • Fixed blue screen or crash issues while executing WCS commands in tProbe™, Datacom Analyzer, and Dual PCI Express.

Protocol Analyzers


  • Enhanced T1 E1 port selection options i.e. even, odd, set, add or delete selected ports in Physical Layer Analyzer
  • Provided options to auto resize multiple columns in Summary and CDR view.
  • EnabledBerChoice protocol object to be displayed in summary column and to be used for search, filter, CDR and statistics.

Bug Fixes

  • Incompatible format error message for physical layer analyzer multiple trace joining is fixed.
  • Resolved flicker problems with protocol analyzer CDR and Statistics View

Soft T1 E1


  • Updated Alarms window on Soft T1 E1 to show alarms only for selected ports for T3 E3
  • Provided popup menu to switch between selected and all ports alarm settings
  • Provided Last Reset option on the alarms window to know the last reset date and time of the alarms.

Datacom Analyzer

Bug Fixes

  • BERT test fails are fixed for NRZI mode



  • Updated CAS Scripts
  • ACM codecs files have been updated
  • Updated MAPS GSM Abis Scripts
    • User configurable Cause Values and Cause Location
    • Support Circuit Query and Circuit validation procedures in ANSI
  • Enhanced FXO FXS to support CAMA Simulation

License Installers

  • VBA and CDR applications have been relinked with new dongle licensing libraries. Now supports software key licensing.

Help Files

  • MuxDemux.chm
  • MAPS-GSM-Abis.chm
  • MAPS-SS7.chm
  • T1E1.chm
  • MCBERT.chm
  • WcsTrafficGen.chm
  • WcsMlPPPEmulator.chm
  • RecPlay.chm