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Newsletter: GL Enhances T1 E1 Analyzer Products and Software Ver 5.08

Welcome to the GL Communications' Newsletter covering the latest products, features, and enhancements introduced to our versatile T1E1 Analyzer product line (Ver 5.08).

New applications introduced to the T1E1 Analyzer software are:

In addition to the above new applications, there are also significant enhancements introduced to existing applications. They include:

If you have our products or are interested in these features, please download or enquire about these enhancements.

A brief summary of the new features in the T1E1 Analyzer - 5.08 Release are provided below:

  • Enhanced BERT

    This application differs from basic BERT by allowing the users to perform error testing on multiple cards simultaneously. Users can define the bit pattern, and error rate (Ranging from 0.01 to 1e-009). It provides detailed view of result including total errors, error rate, degraded minutes, and so on. Supported bit patterns include QRSS, 2^5-1, 2^9-1, 2^11-1, 2^15-1, 2^20-1, 2^23-1, All ones, All zeros, 1:1, 1:7, 3 in 24, CSU Loop-Up (0001), CSU Loop-down (001), NIU Loop-UP (11000), and NIU Loop-Down (11100). The application supports real-time as well as offline analysis.

  • Multi-channel TRAU Transmit/Receive Emulation and Analysis using Client-Server

    The Multi-Channel TRAU Emulation and Analysis (TrauTerr) module allows testing of TRAU frames. The frames will be generated based on the codec type, impairments, time alignment (if specified), and then transmitted through the 16 or 8 kbps channels. On the receiving side the fragments are decoded to retrieve the control flags and other framing information such as codec type, data transmission rate and more. These frames will be compared with the predefined patterns and the results will be logged into a log file.

  • Near Real-time Voice-Band Analyzer (VBA)

    The Near Real-Time Voice-Band Analyzer (VBA) is an analysis tool for monitoring voice band traffic over VoIP, TDM, and Wireless networks. VBA instantly detects voice file captures and with appropriately installed analysis modules, monitors speech levels, noise levels, and line echo. The VBA application can also operate on previously captured files. It supports on A-Law, µ-Law, 16-bit PCM (Intel), 16-bit PCM (Motorola), and MS Wave file formats.

  • WCS MC-MLPPP Emulator

    The Multi-Class extension to Multi-Link PPP emulator allows a sender to fragment packets of various priorities into multiple classes, and send high-priority packets between fragments of lower priorities. The application uses industry standard Client-Server technology, which may be accessed through a GUI or through command line in C++, TCL clients. Some of the main features include end-to-end payload traffic generation and verification, different impairments at PPP and MLPPP levels, LCP with PPP, MLPPP, Multi-class negotiation options, and Control Protocol negotiation using IPCP, BCP etc.

    Other significant enhancements introduced to the following applications:

  • ATM Analyzer

    ATM Analyzer is enhanced to capture & reassemble frames that were transmitted with Inverse Multiplexing applied. IMA combines multiple T1 or E1 links to form a single high-speed connection. IMA provides flexible bandwidth options to achieve rates between the DS1/E1 and DS3/E3. The ATM Inverse Multiplexing technique involves inverse multiplexing and de-multiplexing of ATM cells in a cyclical fashion among links grouped to form a higher bandwidth logical link whose rate is approximately the sum of the link rates.

  • Multi-Channel HDLC Emulation Analysis and File based High Throughput HDLC Record/Playback

    GL's HDLC Analyzer now supports both contiguous and non-contiguous transmission and reception of signals that include CRC-NONE, CRC16, and CRC32 options, and also BITSYNC , and OCTETSYNC options. More sample scripts are included for assisting users in analysis & emulation.

  • MLPPP Analyzer

    The MLPPP Analyzer application has been now added with MC-MLPPP decoding ability. It provides the option to add or delete one or more bundles under stream/interface selection feature.

  • TRAU Emulation

    The TRAU Toolbox™ now supports AMR -WB codec with data rates of 6.60 kbps, 8.85 kbps, and 12.65kbps. There are also sample scripts included for assisting users in emulation.

  • T1E1 Analyzer Enhancements

    The T1E1 Analyzer software supports HD PCI cards and portable USB units. Every USB board is required to be licensed with T1 (or E1) basic software for executing the Analyzer Software.

    • The USB T1E1 Analyzer works only with USB 2.0 interface. The software now includes a warning when a low speed USB connection is detected.
    • When the coding format (A-Law/u-Law) is changed, appropriate idle code is stuffed into the global buffers.
    • GLC View application can now be invoked in the USB T1E1 Analyzer units.

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