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Newsletter: GL Introduces Enhanced T1 E1 Analyzer Software Ver 4.86

Welcome to the May issue of GL Communications' Newsletter. In this newsletter, we briefly describe additions and enhancements to GL Communications' T1/E1 Analyzer Software Version 4.86.

The T1/E1 Analysis Suite provides comprehensive analysis and emulation capabilities for voiceband and signaling protocol analysis. GL has released new and enhanced applications (including minor bug fixes) to its suite of T1 / E1 Analysis products. A complete list of changes, in addition to the actual software can be found at the link "What's New In Current Versions".

Highlights of new applications introduced in T1/E1 Analyzer software are given below:

  • Delay Attenuate Timeslots with Very Low Echo Path Delays (for HD boards only)
    This is an enhancement to the already existing 'Echo Path Delay / Loss Simulation Software', also known as 'Delay/Attenuate' software. This FPGA based application allows users to apply delay, attenuation (gain), and/or filtering to a received signal with very low echo path delays. It also allows users to mix additional signals from other sources, including speech signals from files, noise from files, and live speech via the VF input port. Please refer to for more information.

  • TRAU Traffic Playback
    This application provides the ability to playback pre-recorded *.hdl file(s) on selected or on all subchannels of T1/ E1 lines. It allows one to transmit either a single file or multiple files on the desired subchannels at any given time. The transmission can be done at either full rate (16kbps) or half rate (8 kbps). Please refer to for more information.

  • PPP Protocol Analyzer
    This application is used to capture PPP protocols exchanged between the two nodes over T1 and E1 lines. It can decode different PPP protocols such as Link Control Protocol, Authentication protocol, Bridging PDU and more. Further details can be obtained from for more information.

  • UMTS Protocol Analyzer
    This application is used to decode various UMTS protocols like NBAP, ALCAP, FP and more. Currently it has the ability to decode all protocols related to Iub interface of the UMTS network. IuCS decode capability will be available shortly. Please refer to

  • Remote Voiceband Monitor
    This is a multi-server client application intended for monitoring voice band activity at any number of points in a network. The Voiceband Monitor measures voice band characteristics such as active power level, percent active, background noise, max/min signal levels, echo, and DC offset.

GL has also made significant enhancements to existing applications such as Tx/Rx Loopback, Protocol Analyzers, Windows Client Server, and Transmit Dialing Digits. Some of these enhancements are described below:

  • Protocol Analyzers
    • The Configure menu item has been modified to set configuration settings such as Summary Columns Display, Protocol Standards, Network/User Side Selection, Time Format, Search Criteria, Filter Criteria, Periodic Trace Saving Option and more.
    • ISDN analyzer now includes the protocol standard Q.93x.
    • SS7 analyzer now encompasses CAMEL (ITU and China).

  • TRAU Analyzer is now integrated with Oscilloscope, Spectral Analysis, and Digit Tone Detection applications.

  • GPRS (IP Gx) Analysis now supports Gn and Ga interfaces.

  • TxRx File Utility includes a new 'sample.ctl' that transmits raw data over sub-channels.

  • Transmit Dialing Digits application includes an extended twist in DTMF parameter
    (from -30 to +30 range).

There have been many other minor enhancements and bug fixes to the T1/E1 software. Kindly refer to the "What's New In Current Versions" link for further details.

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