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Newsletter: T1 E1 Software Additions / Enhancements for Ver 4.8 Software

Welcome to the December issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into the latest product introductions, reviews, and updates.

GL has released new and enhanced applications (including minor bug fixes) to its suite T1 / E1 Analysis products. A complete list of changes, in addition to the actual software can be found at the link "What's New In Current Version"

Brief summary of new and enhanced applications introduced:

  1. Automated Record/Playback and Enhanced Tx/Rx File Utility
    These applications enhance recording and playback features by providing automation (scripting) capability. Other new features include automated transmission and capturing of T1/E1 streams. Sub-channel transmission feature has also been added for applications such as TRAU, ADPCM, and G.729 that use fractional timeslot capacity of T1 and E1.
    The links given below provide more details about these applications:
    Tx/Rx File Utility Enhancements
    Automated Record / Playback

  2. Real-Time Bit Map Application - Now available under Monitor menu
    This application permits a graphical view of complete multiframe as a real-time bitmap. The application renders a pixel map with 'zeros' represented by white dots and 'ones' represented by black dots. Click on the link Real-Time Bit Map to see a snapshot of this application

  3. Windows Client Server (WCS)
    This application has been enhanced with the addition of task operators for "active speech level", "noise level", "speech activity", and "echo canceller" measurement algorithms. A Remote Client application that permits remote measurements and alerts of all significant voiceband parameters of voice traffic carried on T1 and E1 lines will be soon released. Additional enhancements and bug fixes are addressed for this application.
    Please visit this link for more information:

  4. Call Capture Analysis (CCA)
    This application has been enhanced to support automatic digit parsing and analysis on CAS based signaling protocols. As a result calls are captured with "called" and "calling" numbers identified in the captured filenames. This application in conjunction with the Call Management Utility (CMU) provides a powerful real-time tool for monitoring calls as they happen, with powerful tools for filtering and sorting calls and call records. It also provides capability to actively listen to calls as they happen. Please visit these links for more information: and

  5. Digital Echo Canceller (DEC)
    This application has been enhanced such that impulse response parameters of a hybrid being monitored can be easily extracted and used to model the exact same hybrid in the Lab using the Delay/Attenuate software application. This is a very powerful tool for debugging field conditions in the lab.
    Please visit this link for more information:

  6. GPRS Analyzer
    This application has been enhanced to accommodate IP packet reassembly.
    Please visit this link for more information:

  7. SS7 Analyzer
    This application has been enhanced to facilitate connection to remote billing systems. Additional features have been added to "call trace" to accommodate billing duration, redirection counter, Carrier CIC and others.
    Please visit this link for more information:

  8. TRAU Analyzer
    Significant enhancements have been made to this application that permit listening to live calls, easy interpretation of uplink and downlink traffic, filtering, and accurate time stamping.
    Please visit this link for more information:

There have been many other minor enhancements and bug fixes to the T1/E1 software. Kindly refer to the "What's New In Current Version" link for further details. Please review the above and give us a call if you are interested in GL's products/software for these or other applications. We would be happy to discuss with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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