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Newsletter: Enhancements / Additions / Fixes to GL's Ver 4.71 Software

Welcome to the May Issue of GL Communication's Newsletter providing information and insight into the latest product introductions and reviews, and updates.

GL introduces new applications and enhancements for its T1/E1 Analyzers. These updates can be downloaded from our WEB Site at the link

New Application Introduced:

  1. Vb Client - The Vb GUI for the windows client server (scripted control) software that hosts FDL analysis is further enriched with the Transmission and reception of ASCII messages. An online help has been documented to facilitate versatile context sensitivity help.
  2. Changes have been made to GL cards as a result of which Bit Error rate Test (BERT) and Precision delay measurement applications work with a better performance
  3. Network Surveillance Database - Programs for call trace capture, statistics summary of capture and HDLC frames reception have been implemented for the Ethernet traffic links of Network Surveillance application. The names of these programs are "HdlcRecvViaTcp - SumRecvViaTcp.exe and CallTraceRecvViaTcp.exe".
  4. FDL Analyzer - An ASCII dump of the received hex frames has been incorporated for the FDL GUI application for T1 analyzer.
  5. Playback File Application - Files larger than 2 GB can now be played continuously with this application
  6. Protocol Analyzers
    • Decoding of Test & Maintenance Messages as well as Networking Management messages are introduced for GSM analyzer
    • China version of SS7 protocols(MTP/ISUP etc) is implemented
    • Proper decoding of "Half Rate AMR 7.40 frames" for TRAU analyzer is implemented
    • GSM Updates, Hdlc SaBits Playback & Hdlc Playback Updates
  7. Strip Chart (E1 Analyzer)
    • GUI enhancement include implementation of GRID and Zoom In feature
    • Better performance than previous releases
  8. WCS - Tests for different signaling bits states have been added in the regression test script. Voice Quality Test scripts have been added as part of installation.
  9. Digital Echo Canceller - gnoise ala sample files have been added

Fixes to GL's software:

Some of the fixes to various GL's applications are as below:

  1. Digital Echo Canceller - problem fixes and online help has been updated
  2. DTMF Application - Application resizing for the transmit event field of signaling bits and fix for registry settings in the DTMF screen
  3. Strip Chart (E1 analyzer) - Delay between signaling capture and PCM capture is resolved.
  4. WCS - fixes for icons, line frequency problem, fix for tone detection problem
  5. Playback File - display problem with files that are sub strings of other selected files has been fixed
  6. Call Capture & Analysis Application- File naming convention for ISDN call triggering are reflected with proper called #'s and calling #'s
  7. Protocol Analyzers' Call trace and statistics fixes
  8. GPRS Analyzer Fixes
    • For GPRS(Gb) frames over Frame Relay, control field information (containing Ctl,Modifier function & P/F fields) will not be decoded and frames having ISDN user information will decode control field
    • Correction in ISDN messages over Frame Relay (Status and Status Enquiry) for GPRS(Gb) Analyzer
    • Decoding of IP/TCP/UDP layer after unsupported layer decoding is eliminated for GPRS(Gn) Analyzer
    • New captured data files are included

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