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Press Release: GL Annnounces Enhanced T1 E1 Products and Software

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - November 20, 2008 - GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of T1 E1 Analyzer Software Version 5.18 with new applications and enhancements. In a statement to the press, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of the company said, "Our T1 E1 Analysis suite of products provides comprehensive analysis and emulation capabilities for voiceband analysis and signaling protocol analysis. The additions now include a new application: WCS ISDN Emulator and a host of significant enhancements Multiple Call Capture, Multi-Class ML-PPP Emulator, Protocol Analyzers, and Windows Client Server products".

Mr. Kulkarni added, "With the introduction of the new applications and enhancements, the T1 E1 Analyzer Product suite adds significant value to T1 E1 testing needs of customers".

A brief summary of the new applications and enhancements introduced to T1 E1 Analyzers - 5.18 Release are provided below:

New Applications

WCS ISDN Emulator:

The application is used for performing complete ISDN switch and subscriber emulation. The functions that can be performed using client-server software are:

  • Configuring the ISDN layer parameters, called/calling numbering plan/type, type of ISDN service,
  • Placing and accepting call for each timeslot or for the whole trunk
  • Logging call records for complete or incomplete calls
  • Simple NFAS setup for T1

For comprehensive understanding of the product, please visit WCS ISDN Emulator web page

Major features and enhancements to Protocol Analyzer and call capture products:

  • Scripted ISDN PRI Emulation in addition to existing GUI PRI ISDN Emulation
  • Call capture based on traffic type triggering, e.g. tones, digits, voice, or modem
  • ML-PPP Emulator now supports Van Jacobson Compression and IP Header Compression in IPCP Configuration as per RFC 1144 and RFC 2507
  • All HDLC based protocol analyzers now support decoding of frames with Frame Check Sequence of 32 or 16 bits
  • ISDN PRI protocol analyzer now supports ANSI decode T1.607
  • ISDN PRI protocol analyzer now supports MLPP (Multi Level Precedence and Pre-emption)
  • GSM Analyzer now supports decoding of SMS layer i.e SMS-CP, SMS-RP, and SMS-TP protocols
  • TRAU Toolbox™ and analyzer has been enhanced to support DTX

Enhancements to the Windows Client-Server application:

New commands

  • Transmit line build-out
  • Jitter attenuation buffer size
  • Begin/end/inform/query task
  • Get app license


  • Supports CRC32 option selection for each link in MLPPP client-server module
  • Syntax changed for "Equalizer control", "Jitter attenuation", and "line length" commands in Universal and USB cards
  • MCBERT command is modified to capture on multiple cards
  • The "tx server file" command can now broadcast onto multiple T1/E1 ports with a single command. The "broadcast" operating mode causes the file being transmitted to be inserted into all named timeslots, even if the timeslots are on separate ports. The "multiplex" operating mode will cause the file being transmitted to be multiplexed into the specified timeslots on a port-by-port basis. That is, the file will be multiplexed into the named timeslots of each specified port independently
  • Vocabulary: 'board' and 'card' are now synonymous with 'port'
  • Data Type: The 64-bit integer data type is now supported
  • USB T1/E1 unit & Universal T1/E1 cards: GL Server and GL Server Launch pad have been enhanced to support USB and Universal GL Cards
  • Sub-channels: Sub-channels have been defined and a grammar has been developed to specify them
  • Dynamic DSP Operation: A dynamic (time-varying) DSP Operator feature has been implemented. Using this feature, you are able to dynamically alter the settings of various DSP operators according to a schedule. To lend further support to this feature, DSP Operator IDs are now taken from the lexemes (the form of the words) used in the DSP command to specify the DSP operators

For comprehensive understanding of the enhancements introduced to the Windows Client-Server product, please visit Windows Client-Server web page

For more information about GL's complete line of products,


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