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Newsletter: T1 E1 Single or Dual
Multiport Repeater

Welcome to another August 2011 issue of GL's Newsletter providing information on our Single or Dual Multiport Repeaters.


Multiport Repeaters are used to generate multiple identical T1/E1 outputs for each T1/E1 input, thus increasing the range of transmission of T1/E1 signals. A single/ dual Multiport Repeater can be used for the following purposes:

  • To generate multiple identical T1/ E1 outputs for each T1/ E1 input
  • To test and load multiple T1/ E1 interfaces simultaneously
  • For broadcast applications and traffic generation and simulation
  • To preserve the strength of the signal and extend the distance over which the signal representing the data can be transmitted

The single bantam version provides ten identical outputs from a single T1/ E1 input. The single RJ45 version provides twelve identical outputs from a single T1/ E1 input. The dual version provides four outputs for each of the two inputs.

Important Features of Single/Dual Multiport Repeaters:

  • The input and output connections are through standard bantam or RJ 45 jacks.
  • Inputs and outputs are compatible with CCITT G.703.
  • Units operate on a voltage of 7-12 V DC and draw a current of upto 1000 mA.
  • T1 and E1 signals are terminated at 100 Ohms or 120 Ohms respectively.
  • The repeater permits output drive for line lengths up to 655 feet.
  • The T1 Multiport Repeater and E1 Multiport Repeater are available as separate units.
  • LEDs are provided to indicate the presence or absence of input signals and power.
  • Provides Terminate, Bridge and Monitor mode of operations.

For comprehensive information on the Single or Dual repeaters, please visit Multiport Repeaters Web page.

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