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Press Release: GL Announces Short Message Service (SMS) Testing Solutions

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - July 2, 2012- GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of its latest product Short Message Service (SMS) Testing Solutions.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the company said, “Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service available through a mobile phone, web, or other wireless communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between two subscribers. Most SMS messages are mobile-to-mobile text messages, however the standard supports other types of broadcast messaging as well.”

He added, “GL offers solutions that test the service end-to-end, from smart mobile phone-to-smart mobile phone as well as from within the wireless infrastructure. In testing end to end, a "smartphone app" is commanded to send or receive SMS messages and record results such as pass or fail. These results are conveyed to a database that can be easily accessed by any browser. When testing from within the wireless infrastructure, thousands to millions of messages can be sent to thousands to millions of mobile phones in a simulated environment to load test or verify / validate the SMS protocol.”

Mr.Kulkarni further explained, “SMS testing from within the wireless infrastructure, Our multi-purpose emulation platform called MAPS™ (Message Automation and Protocol Simulation) has the ability to push / pull Short Messages over the network as if sent by thousands of mobile phones (Short Message Mobile Originated (SMS-MO)). MAPS™ can also transmit a Short Message to a mobile phone (Short Message Mobile Terminated (SMS-MT)). The short message service testing is available on the GSM, UMTS, and MAP interfaces. As shown in the below picture, GL offers MAPS™ application that facilitates Short Message Service (SMS) delivery across various network interfaces such as GSM A, GSM Abis, GSM A over IP, MAP over IP, UMTS IuCS, and UMTS IuH and more.”

“As provided in the below picture, In the case of End-to-End SMS Testing, GL's VQuad™ in conjunction with Mobile Device Controller application and "mobile apps" installed on smartphones supports SMS testing on Smartphones (iPhone and Android). VQuad™ can remotely command specific SMS tests on mobile devices from any part of the world. While testing mobile devices, VQuad™ remotely accesses Android/Apple iPhone/Tablet devices for initiating the test and retrieving the results.

Both automated remote testing and manual testing are available on the mobile device using Android or Apple apps that are available for download.”

For comprehensive understanding of the product, please visit Short Message Service (SMS) Testing Solutions web page.


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