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Newsletter: GL Releases SA Bits HDLC Analysis/Playback

In E1 systems, timeslot zero is used for: Frame synchronization, CRC error checking, Remote alarm indication, National and International bits, and so called SA bits for administrative purposes. SA bits are transmitted and received in HDLC format. Methods to analyze and transmit SA bits has been added to GL's E1 Analysis Cards.

GL's SA HDLC Analysis/Playback performs HDLC protocol analysis/playback on E1 timeslot 0(Zero) in real time and off-line. Both capture and playback features are supported.

SAHDLC Main Features:

  • Multiple instances of SA HDLC can run simultaneously capturing data from several E1 lines where each instance can capture data from up to four E1 lines
  • Filtering and search features are available in both modes of operation: Real-time and Off-line
  • Summary view data can be exported to comma delimited file for import into a spreadsheet or database, the detailed view pane can be exported to an ASCII file
  • Captured Frames can later be used for traffic simulation using SA Bits HDLC transmit application
  • The SA Bits HDLC Playback (HDLCP) provides HDLC and/or codeword transmission using SA bits on E1 line(s).

Please give us a call if you are interested in GL's SA HDLC Analysis/Playback or in any of GL's other product. We would be happy to consult with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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