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GL Announces Enhanced GSM Protocol Test Suite

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – March 23, 2015 - GL Communications Inc., announced today its enhanced GSM Protocol Test Suite that comprises (GSM Protocol Analysis, & MAP, INAP, CAMEL, GSM A  and GSM Abis emulation tools).

GSM Railway Network

Speaking to the press, Mr. Jagdish Vadalia, a Senior Manager for product development of the company said, “The Global System for Mobile (GSM) is the global standard for mobile voice and data communications. The handheld mobile and the BTS communicate across the radio link, or air interface (Um).  Subsequently, the BTS, BSC, and MSC communicate across Abis and A interfaces.  GL has solutions for the analysis and emulation of entire GSM network interfaces - A, Abis, MAP, INAP, and CAP interfaces.”

He added “GL’s GSM Protocol Test Suite comprises of GSM Protocol Analyzer that analyzes all GSM interfaces and Protocol Emulators that can emulate GSM A, Abis, MAP, CAP & INAP interfaces over both TDM & IP transport.”

Mr. Vadalia explained, “GL's MAPS™ MAP supports emulation of all the GSM and UMTS MAP interfaces.  MAPS™ MAP currently supports the various procedures emulating MSC (VLR), HLR, EIR, and SMSC entities and H, C, D, E, F interfaces in the network.  The product also supports send/receive SMS (Short Message Service) simultaneously using signaling channel with the voice/data/fax service over GSM network.

GL's MAPS™ INAP tester supports testing network elements gsmSCF and gsmSSF.   MAPS™ INAP functionality covers the ITU and ANSI variants of SS7 implementing M3UA, M2PA, M2UA, MTP3 and ISUP protocols over TDM and IP transport protocols.  INAP can be transported using 'traditional' SS7 protocols carried by Message Transfer Protocol (MTP) in TDM (T1 and E1) or over IP using SIGTRAN.  

GL's MAPS™ CAP Emulator can emulate CAP (CAMEL Application Part) supplementary services such as unified messaging, prepaid, and toll-free (Freephone). These services are available in TDM and IP based GSM networks.  CAP information flow is defined between functional entities such as Service Control Function (SCF) and Service Switching Function (SSF) distributed across network executing services.

GL’s MAPS™ GSM A Emulator over IP and MAPS™ GSM A Emulator over TDM are used to simulate BSSMAP and DTAP messages over GSM A Interface and signaling specification as defined by 3GPP standards. The tester supports testing network elements MSC and BSC, Error tracking, Regression testing, Conformance testing, Load testing/Call generation and generation of high volumes of GSM traffic. 

MAPS™ GSM Abis can simulate BTSM messages and signaling over GSM Abis interface as per 3GPP standards.  The tester supports testing network elements BTS and BSC, Error tracking, Regression testing, Conformance testing, Load testing/Call generation, and generation of high volumes of GSM Abis traffic. “

He further explained, “The test suite also provides GSM network monitoring capability on TDM network and the Analyzer monitors calls progressing through GSM networks from a central location via web interface, along with the powerful and customizable reporting tools.  GSM Protocol Analyzer also supports GSM-R, a proven European Mobile Communications Standard for Railway Operations used to carry railway-specific voice and data services according to EIRENE (H 22 T 0001 2) and ETSI TS 102 610 specifications.

GL's PacketScan™- All IP Protocol Analyzer supports monitoring all 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication protocols such as GSM, GPRS, UMTS, SIGTRAN, LTE, and Diameter, in addition to IP protocols such as SIP, MGCP, MEGACO, Skinny, and H.323.  It monitors calls progressing through wireless networks from a central location via web interface, along with the powerful and customizable reporting tools. GSM interfaces supported over IP by PacketScan™ are:  A (b/w BSC and MSC), and Abis (b/w BSC and BTS), BSSAP, DTAP, BSSMAP, GSM MAP, INAP, and CAMEL protocols. It also supports decoding of almost all industry standard signaling protocols including MAP/CAMEL and INAP. “

Important MAPS™ Platform Features:

  • Call Simulation & Control
    • Multi-protocol, Multi-interface Simulation
    • Script based and protocol independent software architecture
    • Auto generate and respond to signaling messages
    • Traffic Handling Capabilities (requires additional license)
    • Fault Insertion, and Erroneous Call Flows Testing
  • Automation
    • Automated Load /Stress Testing
    • Scheduler and pre-saved configuration files for automated testing
  • Pre-processing tools
    • Easy script builder for quick testing to advance testing
    • Customization of test configuration profiles
    • Unlimited ability to customize the protocol fields and call control scenarios  
  • Centralized Control and Remote Access
    • Command Line Interface (requires additional license)
    • Option to send reports to database accessible via web interface
    • Centralized control of multiple MAPS™ applications remotely from single client application
  • Reports and Statistics
    • Call Status, Link Status, and Message Statistics
    • Capture Events, and Error Events

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