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Newsletter: Portable Platforms for GL's VQT, IP, and VoIP Products

Welcome to another November 2009 issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our latest portable platforms for Voice QualityTesting (VQT), IP and VoIP products.

VQT Testing with VQuad™ and Dual UTA with a NetBook PC

VQuad™ with the Dual UTA can be purchased with a NetBook PC for a truly lightweight portable solution. The Dual UTA is fully compatible with the miniature NetBooks and allows the VQuad™ software to be installed for full testing without any performance issues.

NetBook PCs are smaller and less expensive than traditional notebook computers. They have a smaller screen, are lighter, and normally have a longer battery life.

GL's VQuad™ with Dual UTA hardware purchased along with the NetBook PC can be conveniently packaged as a complete voice quality testing unit and shipped to intended location. The Dual UTA is connected to the NetBook PC using an available USB connection. The Dual UTA supports up to two mobile phones simultaneously (mobile phone, Bluetooth phone, Analog FXO, Phone Handset, PTT Mobile Radio) and up to two Dual UTAs can be supported on a single NetBook (thus allowing a maximum of 4 simultaneous devices). Both the GL VQuad™ and GL VQT applications can be remotely accessed via the Internet.

Other IP and VoIP Portable Products

PacketCheck™ - Software Ethernet Tester  

GL's PacketCheck™ is a PC based Ethernet test tool designed to check Ethernet and packet transport integrity and throughput. PacketCheck™ can be used as a general purpose Ethernet performance analysis tool for 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps Ethernet local area networks. PacketCheck™ makes use of the onboard NIC in the PC to transmit and receive raw Ethernet packets over the network. Throughputs up to 500 Mbps can be tested. PacketCheck™ can be installed on a Netbook or Notebook PC.


PacketGen™ - SIP Bulk Call Generator

PacketGen™ is a PC-based real-time VoIP bulk call generator for stress testing and precise analysis of the VoIP network equipment. PacketGen™ is based on a distributed architecture, wherein SIP and RTP software cores can be modularly stacked in one or many PCs to create a scalable high capacity test system.


PacketScan™ - SIP / H323 / Megaco / MGCP / RTP / RTCP / Video Analysis

PacketScan™ is a real-time VoIP analyzer that captures live IP traffic, and segregates them into SIP/H323 calls and collects statistics about the calls. Applications include testing of IP phones, Gateways, IP Routers and Switches, and Proxies. Hundreds of calls can be monitored in real-time including detailed analysis of selected voice band streams.


RTP Toolbox™

RTP ToolBox™ is designed not only to monitor RTP and RTCP packets, but also allows users to manually create and terminate RTP sessions, independent of call-signaling protocols such as SIP, H323, MEGACO, or MGCP.

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