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Press Release: GL incorporates NMS communications' latest platforms; Ensures its leading test equipment is designed for the most demanding networks

Global Carriers, Network Equipment Providers Put Their Networks and Equipment to the Test With High Density, Multiple Protocol Digital Central Office Switch Simulator

Framingham, MA - September 9, 2002 -

GL Communications Inc. has selected platforms from NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS), the leading supplier of technology for tomorrow's networks, as the basis for its new network test equipment used by global carriers and network equipment providers worldwide including Cisco, Nortel Networks, and AT&T. These customers use GL Communications' Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) and related products to generate calls that stress networks, assist in Research and Development work, provide Quality of Service and Analysis, as well as support in the deployment of telephony equipment that incorporates Time Division Multiplexing.

"NMS provides a broad selection of platform products that together give us the exact solution we need," said Robert Bichefsky, senior manager at GL Communications Inc. "We've used NMS products for four years now, and have found them to offer the density and flexibility we require for our carrier-grade solutions, even as those requirements have increased in complexity. We also appreciate the open-end software and simple-to-use APIs that help us get to market faster."

GL Communications is using a combination of NMS' Convergence Generation™, Alliance Generation®, and TX Series system building blocks for its DCOSS offering. Together, these platforms provide a solution that consists of high-density digital trunk interfaces and digital signal processing (DSP) resources for signaling and echo cancellation on both PCI and CompactPCI (cPCI) boards. The high density of the boards saves valuable PCI and cPCI slots in the large, high-availability environments of carrier-class system applications. In addition, the NMS solution supports SS7 call control applications. SS7 is often used as the signaling protocol for voice over IP gateway applications, wireless infrastructure, and enhanced services.

"GL Communications has made a name for itself by providing the world's largest carriers and equipment suppliers with testing equipment that assures them their networks are performing at the level they need," said Jack Chase, product marketing director, NMS' Platform Solutions business. "We've worked hard to create the solutions needed for these demanding environments, and we're pleased GL has been able to benefit from our offerings for these past four years."

About GL Communications Inc.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, GL Communications Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rigorous, PC-based test, analysis and simulation equipment for TDM and VoIP networks. GL's test equipment encompasses T1, E1, T3, OC-3, and Ethernet interfaces supporting signaling, traffic loading with voice, fax, and modem signals, as well as protocol emulation and analysis. Advanced features of Voice Quality testing, Echo Cancellation testing and Remote Access capability are also provided. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to aid engineers and technicians working in telecom equipment manufacturing, research and development environments, and in operations and maintenance divisions of telecom companies. For more information, visit

About NMS Communications

NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS) designs, delivers, and supports technology-leading systems and system building blocks for innovative voice, video, and data services on wireless and wireline networks. The world's top communications equipment suppliers, solution developers, carriers, and network operators trust NMS to help them bring applications and services to market faster and at lower costs.

Headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, with offices around the world and products deployed in over 90 countries, NMS has a record of technology innovations that have advanced the growth of the global communications industry. These achievements include voice quality enhancement software that pairs noise reduction and compensation to make it easy for both parties to hear in even the noisiest mobile phone conversations. They also include the industry's first complete and open IP gateway, packet media server, and multimodel system for enhanced services. Visit for more information.


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