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Newsletter: Network Surveillance System
with Web-based Client - NetSurveyorWeb™

In today's networks, surveillance of network characteristics is becoming more important than ever before. Some aspects that need to be monitored continuously are: Performance Monitoring, Security, Fraud, Alarm monitoring, Billing Verification, Remote Protocol Analysis, Failure Prediction, Traffic Engineering.

A network operator, service provider or equipment manufacturer must have the means to perform the above surveillance tasks cost-effectively, remotely, automatically and non-intrusively. Fortunately, the network backbone contains a wealth of information that can be monitored and collected to support these activities.

GL Communications has developed a system, called the GL Net Surveyor, which uses an open three tier distributed architecture driven by non-intrusive hardware probes, intelligent software, and a database engine. The architecture ( consists of a scalable and flexible system, so that the user can apply it for multiple sites and various applications.

T1/E1/T3 Probes are deployed in the field to monitor various protocols, network conditions, even recording of voice calls, which are then collected at a central site into a database. Data records and related information are stored into a relational database (Oracle,DB2, Sybase, Microsoft Access, etc.) using ODBC. Various Client applications can be written (in VB,Power Builder, etc.) to interrogate database records and provide a user friendly interface for query and display.

Protocols that can be easily monitored are:

  • CAS (R1- now, R2 - future), SS7 ISUP/TUP (Different Variants)
  • GR303, V5.X, INAP CS1 & CS2, INAP+, SS7 ANSI AIN
  • IS41-C, GSM A and A-bis Interface, GPRS Gb, ETSI MAP

Please give us a call if you are interested in GL's Network Surveillance System or in any of GL's other product. We would be happy to consult with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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