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Newsletter: GL Announces ML-PPP / PPP
Analysis and Emulation Software

Welcome to the March issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our latest product ML-PPP / PPP Analyzer and Emulator - A tool that emulates and analyzes Point-to-Point (PPP) and Multi-Link Point-to-Point (MLPPP) protocols.

Multilink PPP (ML-PPP) and PPP allow splitting, recombining, and sequencing of packets across multiple data links into a single logical pipe or bundle. This is quite useful when you need more than one T1 or E1 line capacity but not as much as a T3 or E3. For example 5 separate T1 lines can be used as a "single pipe". ML-PPP has wide application for access lines to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and enterprises that need "single pipes" greater than 1 T1 but less than 28 T1s. ML-PPP is similar to IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM), in the sense that larger bandwidth is derived by aggregating smaller physical channels.

When a single T1 or E1 line is adequate bandwidth for an enterprise, plain old PPP is used. PPP or Point-to-Point Protocol is a link layer protocol, which encapsulates other network layer protocols such as IP. It is generally based on HDLC frame structure.

GL has provided several software applications for analyzing and emulating ML-PPP, and PPP:

  • ML-PPP and PPP Analyzer (GUI Based)
  • ML-PPP and PPP Emulator (GUI Based)
  • MC ML-PPP Analyzer and Emulator
  • Client / Server for Automated testing

ML-PPP and PPP Analyzer (GUI Based)

ML-PPP and PPP are separate applications available on GL's HD T1 and HD E1 PCI Cards or USB based T1 and E1 Analyzers. ML-PPP / PPP Analyzers have the ability to decode PPP and MLPPP packets and can be used to capture and analyze a host of PPP and MLPPP protocols exchanged between two end points over T1 / E1 links. Users can obtain detailed analysis of the protocol and can obtain various statistics and measurements.

To learn more about the ML-PPP Analyzer, please click here

ML-PPP and PPP Emulator (GUI Based)

GL's ML-PPP and PPP Emulator applications simulate the Point-to-Point (PPP) and Multi-Link Point-to-Point (ML-PPP) protocols. ML-PPP bundles multiple link-layer channels into a single network-layer channel. Data sent through this channel will be distributed among all the links in queued bytes fashion. However, in PPP simulation, each link is separate and hence the Link Configuration, Action, Statistics, and Impairment features can be set differently for each link.

The MLPPP Emulator application has two simulation modes, MLPPP and PPP. By default, MLPPP Simulation view is displayed.

The MLPPP simulation is provided with link configuration feature, where the users can specify parameters such as Maximum-Receive-Reconstructed-Unit (MRRU), Fragment Format, and Maximum Receive Unit (MRU). MRRU and MRU are multilink parameters established during LCP negotiation.

The link test feature provides parameters that help users to check the connectivity in the link. It confirms the presence of the PPP link at peer end, by sending an echo request and receiving an echo reply. The options included in link test are Echo Request sent, Echo reply GoodID, Echo reply BadID, Data field and Max Echo Request field.

To learn more about the ML-PPP and PPP Emulators, please click here

Multi Class ML-PPP (MC ML-PPP) Emulation

The Multi-Class Extension to Multi-Link PPP allows a sender to fragment the packets of various priorities into multiple classes of fragments, and allows high-priority packets to be sent between fragments of lower priorities.

To learn more about the Multi Class ML-PPP Emulation, please click here

Automated Testing of ML-PPP using Client-Server

Automated testing of HDLC, PPP and MLPPP can be accomplished using GL's Windows Client Server application and MLPPP module (MLPPPTerr). The functionalities supported are sending MLPPP frames with or without impairments, receiving MLPPP frames, and logging of the events.

To learn more about automated testing of ML-PPP using Client-Server, please click here

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