Meet us @ Voice & Advanced Communications Summit - 2018
Booth # 18
9 - 10 October 2018 | Novotel Amsterdam City, Amsterdam

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Visit us at Voice & Advanced Communications Summit 2018, Booth #18, October 9-10 in Novotel Amsterdam City and experience our latest applications in the areas of 5G NR, core network simulation, voice and data quality testing with vMobile, and network monitoring. Our experts will be glad to answer your questions and discuss your ideas.

GL Communications Inc., offerings for enterprise and industrial communication networks, includes end-to-end testing, monitoring quality of service of voice and data, signaling and traffic simulation, critical time/delay measurements and mitigation solutions.

GL’s comprehensive QoS Test Suite for 5G/4G Wireless Networks provides a unique-truly-mobile probe ‘vMobile™’ for evaluating voice, and data quality, independent of underlying network type, such as Cellular networks Land Mobile Radios, and Wired networks. vMobile is a handheld powerful device offers increased mobility for field testing industrial, military or emergency services applications at remote locations. One can perform automated tests for measuring Signal Strength, Voice, Video, & Data Quality to evaluate ‘User-Experience’ in real-time.

GL’s comprehensive Signaling and Traffic Emulation Suite for 5G/4G Wireless Networks, referred commonly as MAPS™, provides a unique “programmable, scriptable” framework that is independent of any protocol or network, makes it easy to perform cross-domain testing and transition tests to new technology such as 5G. The core network and all its underlying entities can be accurately tested for functionalities and performance. GL’s centralized Network Monitoring probes for 5G/4G Wireless networks capture CDRs, detect fraudulent activities, alert on critical parameters, measure KPIs, and performance statistics.

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