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Press Release: GL Announces MAPS™ SIP I
(Session Initiation Protocol with ISUP)

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - August 22, 2011 - GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of its latest product MAPS™ SIP I , an advanced protocol simulator/tester for SIP-ISUP simulation over IP. And also can simulate SIP signaling with encapsulated ITU/ANSI/ETSI ISUP messages. Addressing a press conference, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam Project Manager at GL said, “VoIP networks predominantly use SIP to setup and tear down voice calls and increasingly for video and multimedia calls. PSTN networks predominantly use SS7 to do the same. PSTN SS7 signaling is quite different from SIP signaling and in many cases PSTN SS7 signaling may be richer than SIP. There may be no one-to-one correspondence between SIP signaling messages and SS7 signaling messages. Also, it may not be possible to enhance SIP to accommodate the additional features of SS7, and vice-a-versa.”

He added, “Another consideration, the mobile network uses SS7 signaling througout and is evolving to an all IP network, hence it is advantageous to transport voice using SIP with SS7 routing capabilities intact - thus the need for SIP to SS7 interworking. The basic SS7 messaging is shown in the picture. When a SIP-I is used to bridge the SS7 endpoints, the ISUP messages are carried (encapsulated) along with SIP signaling messages – also shown in the picture provided below.”

Mr. Ramalingam further added, “As shown above, the ingress gateway, the IP Network, and the egress gateway provide a bridge for the SS7 signaling and traffic. SIP-I provides a framework for the integration of ISUP within SIP. The ingress and egress gateways, at the point of interconnection provide the SS7 ISUP message encapsulation and vice a versa. RTP is used to carry voice traffic as usual within the SIP network from gateway to gateway.”

He added, “GL’s Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) product with SIP-I provides only the IP side of the Gateway at both ingress and/or egress depending on what one is trying to emulate. In general, MAPS™ is a powerful Protocol Test platform, supporting a wide range protocols including TDM , IP, and Wireless infrastructure protocols.”

Other Important Features:

  • Simulates Signaling Gateway, Softswitch as UAC, UAS, in the network
  • Handles Retransmissions and remote Retransmissions
  • Supports both UDP and TCP
  • Generates and processes SIP-I valid and invalid messages
  • Fully integrated, complete test environment for SIP-I
  • Supports complete customization of call flow and messages

For comprehensive information on the application, please refer to the MAPS™ SIP I web page.

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